Hold the Schadenfreude: this is bad

So now that Trump has tested positive, there is a certain measure of schadenfreude at the news, but that sentiment will not last long. If Trump becomes unable to perform his duties, the Presidency must pass, to Pence. If Pence tests positive for Covid (and he very well might), and he too becomes incapacitated, the Presidency must be passed to Nancy Pelosi.

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Social media needs more Biden and you can help

It is time to start ignoring Trump and start focusing on other people–unless, of course, you want to see Trump be re-elected. If you are a decent person and want the Liar in Chief out of office, then it is time to start paying more attention to Joe Biden.

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Delaying the election is how Mike Pompeo becomes President

The U.S. Constitution outlines that Trump’s Presidential term is up on January 21st, 2021, and that term will end whether there is an election or not. If no election takes place before that date, the new President will be determined from the line of succession. As soon as Trump understands this, he will go back to simply claiming the election is illegitimate.

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