Some people we wish we had never met

The only criteria to get onto Team Be Best is to be a shameless sycophant.

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Fake Melania is STILL Fabulous!–updated version

Even Trump has admitted that there is something fishy about this Fake Melania that keeps popping up beside him. He believes that the Fake News is photoshopping Fake Melania into pictures with him. That might be true, but it also seems like it would be a lot of work.

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Hold the Schadenfreude: this is bad

So now that Trump has tested positive, there is a certain measure of schadenfreude at the news, but that sentiment will not last long. If Trump becomes unable to perform his duties, the Presidency must pass, to Pence. If Pence tests positive for Covid (and he very well might), and he too becomes incapacitated, the Presidency must be passed to Nancy Pelosi.

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