Bikers are almost immune from Covid-19

Of course the Sturgis Rally is going ahead. Biker culture has always been about rebellion against authority. Bikers won’t be oppressed by your middle class values and your willingness to sell out to the Man. They have been resisting the police for almost 100 years, so don’t even try and tell them that they can’t assemble anyplace they feel like.

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Dr Birx warns Covid-19 is “extraordinarily widespread”

No S^&#, Sherlock! Everybody with half a brain has been screaming at their televisions every time the silk scarf clad Dr Birx opens her mouth. That’s because, for months, she has appeased President Trump’s terrible advice. Even the day when Trump suggested injecting disinfectants and illuminating our bodies with UV light, she just sat there and said nothing.

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Delaying the election is how Mike Pompeo becomes President

The U.S. Constitution outlines that Trump’s Presidential term is up on January 21st, 2021, and that term will end whether there is an election or not. If no election takes place before that date, the new President will be determined from the line of succession. As soon as Trump understands this, he will go back to simply claiming the election is illegitimate.

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