Trump can’t debate the issues

Who can blame the voters for being confused when they cannot even figure out what the election issues are? Does Biden want to defund the police? Does Trump want to allow insurance companies to reject coverage for pre-existing conditions? Who knows! All anyone hears is loud over-talking and personal insults.

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Social media needs more Biden and you can help

It is time to start ignoring Trump and start focusing on other people–unless, of course, you want to see Trump be re-elected. If you are a decent person and want the Liar in Chief out of office, then it is time to start paying more attention to Joe Biden.

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Fewer than 1% of Americans earn over 400K per year

The chances are high that you do not even know anyone who earns $400,000 dollars per year, never mind earn that yourself. Perhaps your medical doctor. maybe your Lawyer. The point here is that very few people actually earn $400,000 per year.

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