Do you ever wonder why everything is a mess? It is because the politicians are screwing everything up. We vote for these people because they promise to make things fabulous, but somehow things always fail to be fabulous. Don’t get us wrong, it is really hard to run a country and to satisfy everyone in a democracy. Still, can we get some better people willing to take on the job of governance? You know, people that will not sell out to special interest lobbies or corporations. Is that too much to ask?

No politician is perfect, but some serious dumbasses have managed to make it to the world stage and suffice to say they are not making the world a better place. The Left-Right Site encourages readers to make educated decisions about who they will vote for. Choose the candidate that has your best interests at heart. It does not matter what party they belong to as much as their actions and beliefs do. Vote wisely and strategically. Most of all: VOTE.


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