Is Jeffrey Epstein Alive?

Probably not. Nor is Elvis, Princess Diana, JFK Jr, Tupac or any other famous dead person that conspiracy theorists fixate on. Sadly, facts won’t stop certain people from spreading dumb conspiracy theories or believing in lies.

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Should churches pay taxes?

A lot of people believe that churches should pay taxes. On one hand, churches are considered ‘charities’ and charities are exempt from paying taxes. On the other hand, there are various ‘churches’ that are not really charities–not in the traditional sense, anyway.

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Never forget the Montreal Massacre

31 years ago at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique, a disgruntled man walked into a mechanical engineering class room. It was the beginning of a rampage that resulted in the murder 14 women. An additional 10 women and 4 men were wounded in what has become known as the Montreal Massacre. Why did the gunman do this? He was fighting feminism. It said so in the suicide note.

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