Trump is exhausting

Are you exhausted? You should be. Trump is exhausting. The past four years have been a whirlwind of exhaustion. Crisis after Tweet after manufactured crisis,

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Why is Trump still the President?

Americans do not need to watch propaganda videos. They do not require a ‘Dear Leader’. Do the right thing. Make sure you vote. Help others vote. No matter what Trump says, wear a mask and keep each other safe.

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Hold the Schadenfreude: this is bad

So now that Trump has tested positive, there is a certain measure of schadenfreude at the news, but that sentiment will not last long. If Trump becomes unable to perform his duties, the Presidency must pass, to Pence. If Pence tests positive for Covid (and he very well might), and he too becomes incapacitated, the Presidency must be passed to Nancy Pelosi.

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