Who are these terrible people?

No, the mob is NOT coming for you.

What went wrong with the Covid-19 response?

Although President Biden was inaugurated in January, it is too late to undo much of the damage. What went wrong with the Covid-19 response? A lot.

Silence is a form of racism

IT is time to listen and then proclaim your solidarity.

Americans need universal healthcare

Per person, the United States government spends more on healthcare than any other nation in the world. That sounds insane considering that the United States is also the only ‘advanced’ economy that does NOT provide universal healthcare to citizens. The consequences of failing to create a universal healthcare system for U.S. citizens is that the

The border wall is an ecological disaster

President Biden has shut down construction of the U.S./Mexico border wall, but the terrible impact on the environment remains. Deep trenches have been carved into the landscape, sometimes through geological points of interest. Rusty sections of metal fencing impede the travel of wildlife, but provide little resistance to humans.

The Capitol Riot was a real insurrection

Democracy is being let down and the door is being opened to allow other would-be dictators to grasp power through violence. The only sane way forward is to convict.

Fauci was between a rock and a hard place

When Dr Fauci contradicted Trump and said that hydroxychloroquine was not an effective cure, he knew what he was talking about.

Trump pardons

Pardons: who deserves one?

What kind of people have managed to secure a pardon from President Trump on his final day in office? Pardons for drug traffickers and crooked politicians are not exactly the kind of people that will make America great.

Kayleigh McEnany: cross wearing hypocrite

She may have scrubbed off the orange pancake foundation and the Trumpesque hair weave, but truly, it is Kayleigh’s dirty lying heart that people will remember.

Trump has cut Rudy Loose

Rudy Giuliani gave up his self respect and his reputation for Trump. What did he get in return? Nothing. Actually, Rudy got less than nothing because there is no conceivable way to rehabilitate the treasonous monster that he has become. The fall from ‘America’s Mayor’ to ‘lying sycophantic sack of sedition’ is a long one,


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