It is time to do something about police brutality

Aww the Senate is overwhelmed with how hard it is to stop police brutality.

Police brutality is out of control

Some examples of police brutality during the protests.

Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz is Horrible

There has never been a U.S. Congressman as unlikable and vile as Matt Gaetz. Freshman antics are one thing, but the behavior of Gaetz is inexcusable. As a person, Matt Gaetz is horrible. Why is Matt Gaetz so unlikable? There are so many reasons. The horrible Matt Gaetz loves attention and he seems willing to

Should churches pay taxes?

A lot of people believe that churches should pay taxes. On one hand, churches are considered ‘charities’ and charities are exempt from paying taxes. On the other hand, there are various ‘churches’ that are not really charities–not in the traditional sense, anyway.

FOX News promotes rape culture

Harassers often claim their victim is not attractive enough to harass or rape. It is part of the problem.

Voter Fraud is extremely rare in the United States

Despite what you may have heard, voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States. What little voter fraud does exist has little to no impact on election outcomes. That is something to be proud of. Organizing an election for more than 150 million registered voters is no small task, and yet, the US manages

Why do the airlines get an exception?

Despite the terrible reality that Florida is knee deep in the Covid-19 global pandemic, thousands of Spring Break party goers are flying into the state. So many party goers, in fact, that riot police are shooting pepper balls into the crowds to get them to obey curfew. Why? Why are so many industries being limited

You got a stimulus check, but how far does $1400 go?

For those who have had no or very little income for a year, $1400 does not go very far at all. Let’s take a look at some of the things people can buy with $1400 bucks.

Let’s cancel the Monarchy for Harry and Meghan

Is it time to cancel the British Royal Family? A lot of people are considering the treatment of Harry and Meghan to be the last straw and they are absolutely right. The British Monarchy no longer has any power except social power, but if they refuse to use that power for good, then the world

Who are these terrible people?

No, the mob is NOT coming for you.


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