‘Test and Trace’ works.

Instead of increasing test and trace capacity, the United States had lost much of it’s testing infrastructure by the end of July .

Will RGB be replaced by a white conservative male?

Behind closed doors, it would not be surprising if Trump had asked if he could nominate Judge Jeanine. Um. Yeah. She probably wouldn’t do any more damage than Tom Cotton would.

Social media needs more Biden and you can help

It is time to start ignoring Trump and start focusing on other people–unless, of course, you want to see Trump be re-elected. If you are a decent person and want the Liar in Chief out of office, then it is time to start paying more attention to Joe Biden.

Cuties is not about what Tulsi Gabbard and Ted Cruz have claimed

The hyper-sexualization of youth has long been recognized as harmful to children, and the explosion of social media technologies has only made the situation worse. Young girls are increasingly pressured to look and act like the images they see in social media.

Winter is coming, so keep wearing the masks

We need to all keep going, though, because Summer was the easy part. Fall and the return to school often brings colds and flu. It is easy to get a chill in the colder weather, and that sometimes is associated with lower immunity. More than ever, people need to heed Grandma’s advice and wear warm socks and a sweater to keep warm.

Hunger is coming, but is anyone paying attention?

It is time for the adults in the room to start focusing on how to avoid mass starvation.

Bob Woodward missed the chance to make ‘Covidgate’ the crowning accomplishment of his career

Now, the guy who brought down Nixon will be the guy that waffled on Trump.

Didn’t everybody already know that Trump knew?

Now, there is indisputable proof that Trump chose to downplay the danger. Without a hint of concern in his voice, Trump told Woodward that Covid-19 was airborne and that it was likely that a lot of people would die. Is this really a surprise?

Covid-19 hasn’t disappeared, although the survival rate seems to be improving

Compared to other nations, the United States seems to be faring worse. Globally, there have been 27 million cases of Covid-19 and 900,000 deaths.

Kardashians calling it quits?

Yeah sure. We are expected to believe that this –ahem–lovely family is retiring? Perhaps their association with Trump is a worry and they now need


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