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Welcome to The Left-Right Site

We bring you news and views with a side order of humor and high jinx. We lean left, but those who lean right are welcome to provide their point of view. Expect us to critically analyze the articles we post, and we hope you will weigh in with some savvy analysis yourself, no matter who you voted for.

Who are we? Britt is a policy wonkette who likes to grow her own food and debunk dumb ideas. She likes to talk about conspiracy theories, but is almost never convinced they are true. Almost. Zan’s a news junkie and former reporter who likes to make friends laugh. Her interests range from current events to the arts. Both of us are highly opinionated.

We will be sharing some original content related to current events, but it’s all about the funny, too. So pull up a seat for goofy-good memes and more.

Thanks for giving us a glance!


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