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Anti-fascism and Anti-Racism is Our Goal

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The Left-Right Site resists fascism and racism. These are perilous times and it is important to take a stand against injustice and hatred. ‘Never Again’ is right now. 

We fondly remember the glorious days of our youth when movies were about suppressing Nazis. Wasn’t that fun?  What was better than seeing Indiana Jones stick it to a bunch of evil Nazis? If anyone agreed on anything, most people seemed to agree that Nazis were bad people that did bad things.  Lately, however, nazis, neo-nazis, fascists, white supremacists, racists, bigots, and various other nasty people are trying to convince us they are respectable.  Well, the Left-Right Site hopes to throw a wrench in that plan.  Fascism and racism are bad ideas that hurt us all, no matter our ethnicity or economic situation.  We believe that it is possible for all people to live together in harmony and equality, while at the same time respecting one another’s cultural and ethnic differences.

See a nazi then punch a nazi

Although punch a NAZI memes sometimes quench our anger, we do not suggest that you actually punch anyone.  We support non-violent resistance to injustice.  We can all fight racism and fascism with knowledge, compassion and understanding.  The first step we can take toward a better world is to educate ourselves about what racism is and how it negatively affects people.  When we understand the realities about racism and how it hurts people, we can take steps to reduce and hopefully eliminate racism in our society.  Caring about other people is important. We can be as kind to one another as possible, but still not tolerate injustice, hatred, bigotry and racism.

Some Movements for Social Justice that we Support

We believe that Black Lives Matter. All lives will NOT matter until black, brown, and Indigenous lives matter. Western civilization was built on a foundation of racism with an assumption of white supremacy that continues to permeate society. Everyone has a responsibility to recognize this fact, and do their best to suppress institutionalized racism. Get into ‘good trouble’ as the American civil rights icon John Lewis would say.

Read about John Lewis and his commitment to non-violence


We encourage all people to educate themselves about the harms caused to Indigenous peoples through the European colonization of the Americas.  Indigenous Awareness Canada offers courses, sometimes for free, about the legacy of Canada’s residential school system and the effects of cultural genocide.  Indigenous Canadians encourage people to learn about the century long campaign of assimilation through force, which has resulted in inter-generational trauma and amplified the societal marginalization of Indigenous peoples.  Learning the truth about the residential schools and the policy of assimilation is the first step toward reconciliation.

We support all 94 Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.  Frankly, it is the least the Government of Canada can do.  Write a letter to your Member of Parliament and tell them that you want the government to work harder at Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.  Tell them you support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  You can read the full UN Declaration here.

Please take the time to visit the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation website.  Learn the truth about the forced assimilation and cultural genocide of Canada’s indigenous peoples.

“You are either RACIST or Anti-Racist”

This phrase is from Ibram X. Kendi’s book called “How to Be an Antiracist”.  We recommend Kendi’s work and agree that there is no such thing as neutrality when it comes to racism.  Therefore, we believe that silence about racism, or looking the other way in the face of a racist act is unacceptable.  The only solution is to speak and act against racism whenever it rears it’s ugly head.  That does not mean that it is easy.  Kendi suggests that: “being an antiracist requires persistent self-awareness, constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination”.  These are true words and the fact that racism permeates society often makes it difficult to recognize racism.  That is because racism is so entrenched in our culture that it can be invisible to many people.  Education helps us to understand, but there will be times when we make mistakes or were unaware that an attitude is racist.  Don’t get discouraged if you make a mistake or discover that you have supported a racist attitude in the past.  Learn from it and move forward with a better anti-racist attitude. Positive change is the goal.

All people, no matter what their ethnicity or situation in life, need to be rehabilitated from the effects of institutionalized racism. Racism hurts everyone. If you need a scapegoat for why the western world was founded on structural racism, blame the imperialist British Empire. There was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire. The world required ‘civilizing’, the British claimed. Armies of British bureaucrats, clergy and business people migrated around the world to tell people how to do things like a proper white person. If colonized peoples were reluctant to hand over access to rich resources, then the colonizers would take the resources by force. The legacy of British Colonialism is entrenched ideas about white supremacy, which hurts everyone. Did we say that racism hurts everyone?  Yes? Good, we want to drive that point home.  We don’t need to keep dragging bad 18th and 19th Century ideas into the 21st Century, so let’s actively do something to resist racism and make the world a better place for EVERYONE.


Feminism and Environmentalism

We are feminists and environmentalists, and recognize that these issues are closely related to the problem of institutionalized racism. Systemic racism is patriarchal in nature and ‘white males’ are privileged over other people. This does not mean that white males are “bad”. We like white males as much as we like everyone else. What we mean is that racism promotes the idea that white males should have power and authority over all other members of society. That isn’t right because, in a democracy, no one person or one group of people should have the ability to oppress other people. Therefore, we believe that patriarchy is harmful to everyone, even men and boys.

The same is true about the environment. Racist and patriarchal attitudes encourage people to exert power over the environment without a thought to the consequences of harm or the effects of climate change. The reality is that protecting our environment is a social justice issue. Environmental disasters such as severe drought and lack of clean water have the greatest effects on poor and marginalized people. A big part of being anti-racist is caring about what happens to other people. Right now, there are a lot of people that are suffering due to drought, the melting of Arctic permafrost, extreme weather events, and famine. That is terrible and we feel that it is only fair to help alleviate the suffering of other people. You may not have noticed the effects of climate change where you live, but there are regions where the water supplies have dried up and people can no longer produce food on their land. Climate change is a human rights issue.

The Bottom Line

We hope that the articles and information published on The Left-Right Site will encourage people to care about others and to embrace anti-racist, feminist, and environmentalist ideas. Small changes in our attitudes can help create a society were everyone is included.

climate justice
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