Do you know these members of the Coutts Gang?

Who are the Coutts Gang? It appears they are a bunch of seditionists who thought it was a good idea to allegedly bring guns and ammo to a protest. Serious charges have now been laid against 11 people who did not have the foresight to see how their actions would have consequences for them and for their movement. Although this development in the sordid saga of the Truck Convoy is disturbing, it is not surprising. This is what happens when people become radicalized by neofascist groups.

Make no mistake. The Coutts Gang is indeed radicalized and organized into a neofascist cell. Their paraphernalia demonstrates this. For example, the cache of weapons, body armour, ammunition, and other items included patches associated with neofascist organizations. Specifically, a Diagolon flag patch was affixed to some of the body armour. For those unaware, Diagolon is the name of a yet to be formed nation that neofascist group the ‘Plaid Army’ hopes to establish through violent revolution. Yes, these people are nuts.

The names, ages, and location of the Coutts Gang have been released. It turns out they are a collection of Albertans from across the province. They are people that live in your community, that we might see at the grocery store, or pass on our way to work or school. What they have in common is that they have been radicalized to the point that they are willing to use violence to get what they want.

It has been clear from the start, for most of us anyway, that some of the protestors are quite militant in their demand for regime change in both Alberta and Canada. We have all heard individual protestors declaring this is the hill they will die on, letting us know they will never end their blockades and protests until their demands are met. Most of us understood weeks ago that the protestors wanted more than the mere lifting of mandates as nearly every province capitulated. Since the protests began, provinces have cancelled vaccine mandates and other public health orders, or at the very least gave firm dates when they would do so. It wasn’t enough.

Bad Apples in Ottawa? You decide.

The good news is that most protestors have gone home. The people at Coutts even claim that they ended the blockade because the Coutts gang had infiltrated their protest and they want to demonstrate that they do not approve of violence. So, after a final round of high fives and hugs with the RCMP, the protestors at Coutts pulled up stakes and drove home. It was a timely decision considering the federal government had just invoked the Emergencies Act.

In a raid of three trailers, officers seized long guns, handguns, multiple sets of body armour, a machete, a large quantity of ammunition and high-capacity firearm magazines. Protest organizer Marco Van Huigenbos said the protest was “infiltrated by an extreme element” and a decision was made for the remaining group to roll out from Coutts on Tuesday morning.

CBC News

After an appearance in court, most of the accused have been released on bail, except for those who were charged with conspiracy to murder. There will likely be additional arrests and there are still people all over Canada that are digging in and refusing to stand down. Unfortunately, those who remain at the protests are increasingly the sort that are radicalized and willing to hurt their fellow Canadians. Sadly, much of what they want is impossible to attain.

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