Truckers for Freedom

Truckers for Freedumb?

Of all the dumbass ideas that have emerged during the COVID19 global pandemic, the Truckers for Freedom movement is right up there amongst the dumbest. These anti-vax truckers are not looking for freedom. They are simply embracing their own stupidity and delusions. These truckers and their supporters claim they want freedom to reject public health orders. They believe they should be exempt from the same international regulations that everyone else is subject to. They think they are living under a regime of tyranny that rivals the Holocaust. They are done with COVID19 and are really frustrated that governments, even foreign governments, will not buy into their delusions. These truckers are not for freedom. They don’t even understand how much freedom they have. They are Truckers for Freedumb.

Why are the Truckers for Freedumb so dumb?

It boggles the mind really. There is no reason why a convoy of conspiracy theory believing Karens are driving their rigs toward Ottawa. Despite their caterwauling to the contrary, Prime Minister Trudeau is not the reason the Truckers for Freedumb are not allowed to enter the United States. The only thing the Trudeau government has mandated is that unvaxxed American truckers are not allowed over the border into Canada, and just like everyone else that refuses to be vaxxed, unvaxxed Canadian truckers must isolate and submit to some COVID19 testing. The horror!

Truckers for Freedom
Unvaxxed Truckers can get home, but they ain’t welcome back!

Even if the Truckers for Freedumb have their demands met, and the federal government lifts all restrictions against unvaxxed truckers entering Canada, their problem will continue unsolved. This is because it is the U.S. government that is stopping the unvaxxed truckers from entering the United States. Why don’t the Truckers for Freedumb drive their rigs to Washington D.C.? Spoiler: they won’t make it south of the 49th parallel without the U.S. Border Patrol enthusiastically putting a stop to this threat to American national security.

You don’t want to mess with U.S. Border Patrol

Why are Jason Kenney and Scott Moe supporting Freedumb?

Mostly because they are both dumbasses. Ok, agreed that it is not very polite to refer to two fairly elected Premiers as dumbasses, but they are making it so difficult to attract the respect of Canadians. The harsh reality is that the Truckers for Freedom movement has nothing to do with protecting supply chains or the even the right to pretend the COVID19 pandemic is not real. Instead, Truckers for Freedom is a thinly veiled attack on Canadian federalism and that is a cause that both Kenney and Moe can get behind.

Premier Scott Moe is happy to praise the antivax movement when it suits him. Even when it contradicts his own pro-vax policy. Moe should be referring to vaxxed truckers as heroes, but for some reason he won’t.

Both Kenney and Moe promote vaccination to curb the effects and spread of COVID19, and yet, they contradict that policy when they insist that antivaxxed truckers should be able to cross the border. The bottom line is that Kenney and Moe are merely trying to take advantage of any opportunity to transfer their woes to Trudeau—even when it makes them look stupid.

Kenney complains that we will all starve because Trudeau is mean to antivaxxers–or something. Why doesn’t he tell the unvaxxed truckers to quit their complaining and get the jab? Does he really believe that a person’s right to resist public health compliance is more important than securing the food supply?

In both Saskatchewan and Alberta, people need to show proof of vax to eat in a restaurant. So why do Kenney and Moe think unvaxxed people should cross the border into Canada? Spoiler: They don’t actually care about protecting us from the pandemic. They simply want to appear as though they are standing up to the feds–at any cost.

The Truckers for Freedumb movement is a small percentage of Canadian truckers

Despite what Kenney, Moe, and delusional antivaxxers would have us believe, truckers who insist on dodging the vax are in the minority. Just 10 to 15% of truckers are refusing to be vaxxed, which means that 85 to 90% of truckers are in compliance. Instead of encouraging the Truckers for Freedom movement, Kenney and Moe should be praising the majority of truckers who got the jab. Vaxxed truckers are the real heroes and Kenny and Moe should acknowledge that. At the very least, supporting vaccinated truckers would be in line with their own provincial policies.

If there is a true threat to the Canadian food supply chain, then all Canadian politicians should be working together to help solve the problem. Instead, conservative politicians are spreading disinformation and outright lies to Canadians. All this is achieving is scaring Canadians into believing that public health orders are useless, that the pandemic is some kind of joke, and that one of the most privileged and free nations in the world is living under tyranny.

What is this disingenuous crap? Canada dodged a bullet with Andrew Scheer.

We need better leadership

One thing is sure. No one who survived the Holocaust, lived in an actual war zone, or fled a life of oppression under the grip of a truly authoritarian government, would claim that public health orders in the midst of a global pandemic are tyranny. These Truckers for Freedumb and their supporters are making a mockery of all the true victims of oppression. It is clear they have never had a truly difficult day in their lives. They have never been members of a group subjected to genocide. They have never seen the effects of catastrophic war. They have never been subjected to draconian laws. They are just a bunch of privileged Karens with an almost unlimited freedom to make a stink about stuff they don’t like.

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