Matt Gaetz is Horrible

Matt Gaetz is Horrible

There has never been a U.S. Congressman as unlikable and vile as Matt Gaetz. Freshman antics are one thing, but the behavior of Gaetz is inexcusable. As a person, Matt Gaetz is horrible. Why is Matt Gaetz so unlikable? There are so many reasons. The horrible Matt Gaetz loves attention and he seems willing to do almost anything to get it.

Over the last year, Gaetz has made a name for himself by presenting himself as an unwavering sycophant for Former President Trump. Some would say that Gaetz only enjoys a raised profile because he so faithfully hitched his wagon to Trump’s. That may have been a poor decision, but frankly, it is all Gaetz has to offer.

“He really jumped on the Trump train and rode it all the way to the end,” said one former Gaetz aide, who agreed to speak candidly about office dynamics on the condition of anonymity. “As time went on, there was a noticeable shift of focus — more so to what can I do to get on Fox at night? … Once he had a little taste of that, he couldn’t shake it anymore, that became the focus of the office.”


Clearly, Gaetz does not care about being in Congress. He just wants to be famous and will play the clown just to get noticed. None of this is a game, however, as as is evident by the increasingly shocking news reported about Gaetz. Not only has Gaetz promoted dangerous conspiracy theories and downplayed the dangers of Covid-19, but now he is being investigated for ‘sex trafficking’ of a minor. Yep, we thought that Gaetz was already at the bottom, but it turns out that he can go lower.

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Recent allegations concerning Gaetz and his interest in teenage girls must have him concerned for his future. The stakes are high because Gaetz is not just in trouble for allegedly crossing state lines with underaged escorts, but there is the appearance of receiving goods or services in exchange for sponsoring legislation.

“If there’s evidence of a quid pro quo that the congressman was provided with benefits in return for him sponsoring some legislation that’s of interest to the donor, that that’s a federal crime,” said Devlin-Brown.

CBS News

That is a big deal. Matt Gaetz could go to prison. At least Congress will be rid of him.

Matt Gaetz speaks at RNC.
If only cancel culture was real, we could cancel Matt Gaetz.

Charges have not yet been laid, but Gaetz has already called in a favor from Trump. Unfortunately for Gaetz, that favor is yet to materialize. Various news outlets have reported that Gaetz had hoped for a pre-emptive blanket pardon from Trump. That request, fortunately, was not fulfilled. Now that the investigation into Gaetz’s activities have been revealed, the former Trump Administration and other Republicans have been curiously silent about the whole thing. The best support that Gaetz managed was a vague two sentence statement from Trump.

“Congressman Matt Gaetz has never asked me for a pardon,” reads Trump’s Wednesday statement. “It must also be remembered that he has totally denied the accusations against him.”

Mother Jones

It seems obvious that Gaetz will not be able to rely on any help from his party or from Trump. Is it possible that some allegations are too terrible even for Trump? It seems so, and it will get even worse for Gaetz because his alleged accomplice, Joel Greenberg, has stated through his lawyer that he will make a plea deal.

Is Gaetz worried? He should be. Matt Gaetz is horrible, so horrible that even his best friends will not help him out–not that they should. If Gaetz is guilty of these crimes, he brought the consequences upon himself, and he deserves to go to prison.

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Matt Gaetz is stupid.

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