Why do the airlines get an exception?

Why do the airlines get an exception?

Despite the terrible reality that Florida is knee deep in the Covid-19 global pandemic, thousands of Spring Break party goers are flying into the state. So many party goers, in fact, that riot police are shooting pepper balls into the crowds to get them to obey curfew. Why? Why are so many industries being limited to help slow the spread of the virus, but airlines are allowed to fly whomever they want into Covid-19 hot zones? Why do the airlines get an exception?

That is the point of it all. The airlines are getting an exception to the rules. Many complain that the rules are inconsistent because this industry must do this while that industry doesn’t have to–therefore all the rules are dumb and should be eliminated. Um, no, that is not what is happening. Plain and simple, certain industries are getting special treatment, and that special treatment is making the situation worse.

Currently, Florida is experiencing a rise in new cases of Covid-19. Communities are under curfew. Mayors are pleading with party goers to stay away and stay home. Riot police have been called in. People are getting hurt. Still, no one seems to ask how all these extra party goers managed to get to their party destination. Spoiler: except for the people who live locally, it was on a plane.

Spring Break in Florida
Two women enjoy the party atmosphere of Spring Break in Florida.

Here we are, HOPEFULLY, nearing the end of the global pandemic (now that the vaccines are being distributed) and people just cannot wait. They are packing their bags and heading to the airport. MILLIONS of people are heading to the airport, getting on a plane, and spreading their covid germs far and wide. Governor DeSantis could put a stop to this, but he won’t. He just says “come on in” to any planeload full of covidiots.

The latest evidence arrived over the weekend from the Transportation Security Administration, which saw 1-million-plus travelers pass through its checkpoints on four days in a row as travelers headed out on vacations:

Sunday: 1.34 million

Saturday: 1.22 million

Friday: 1.35 million

Thursday: 1.28 million

With half the month to go, March is shaping up to be a strong one for airlines, with passenger counts topping 1 million on nine days so far.

USA Today

Where are these people going on these planes? On ill advised Spring Break vacations that are sure to kill off someone’s granny. This week, these covidiot festivals are taking place anywhere a beach is available. They are especially flying into Florida from all over the country, maybe from all over the world. DeSantis does nothing to stop them. Is he getting a kickback from the airlines or something?

Do I sound angry? Well, that is because I am. These covidiot party goers are being ridiculously selfish. Just look at these youth partying in Texas. Are these students from Baylor? I bet their parents are proud, if they don’t succumb to covid-19 next time they see their brats.

Spring Break in Texas.
Spring Break on a Texas beach where you go home with Covid-19 and alcohol poisoning.

People will roll their eyes at the drunken antics of college students, but this year is different. This year, all of these spoiled brat youth of privilege will bring Covid-19 back to their dorms, their communities, to their professors, to the university employees that make low wages to clean up after the students, and to the students who spent their Spring Break studying. That’s right, only a certain type of student can afford to buy a plane ticket, a hotel room, and enough liquor to forget where they are. Chances are that it is the same kind of students that have never worried about buying health insurance. What do they care if they get Covid-19?

Americans need single-payer universal healthcare

Still, dumbass youth will be dumbasses, and covidiots will be covidiots. Never before have people demonstrated how much they need a nanny state than during this pandemic. People cannot even be relied upon to follow some simple rules like wear a mask and physically distance–to prevent the people around you from dying!

A lot of this could have been avoided if the airlines had to follow the same rules that everyone else must. The CDC continues to advise that even fully vaccinated people should postpone and avoid non-essential travel. So why aren’t the states following the advice of the CDC? Why are they being so irresponsible with people’s lives?

For some reason, the federal and state governments are not willing to prevent the airlines from flying covidiots to non-essential vacation destinations. It is just business as usual and it defies reason. Florida Governor DeSantis, for example, is encouraging the covidiot spring breakers to come and do their worst. Despite the efforts of local governments to slow the spread of Covid-19 through health measures, DeSantis has signed orders to override these measures. Awesome. Let’s all keep being sick.

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