Silence is a form of racism

Silence is a form of racism

Do you agree that racism is a problem, but feel powerless to do anything about it? Then reclaim your power through speech. If you care about police brutality, NOW is the time to say something. Resist racism by speaking up and condemning the actions of those police officers that use excessive force on black, Indigenous, and other people of color. Speak up when police use excessive force on white people too, but understand that police brutality is disproportionately applied to BIPOC. When you say nothing, your silence is a form of racism. This is because when you say nothing, you imply consent.

Remember Martin Gugino? The police used excessive force on him, fracturing his skull by violently shoving him to the ground. This was unnecessary and excessive force against an unarmed 75 year old man.

75-year-old protester knocked down by Buffalo police last June ‘a little surprised’ by grand jury decision not to indict

Speaking up is easy and everyone can participate in changing attitudes. You can start simply by challenging the racist attitudes expressed by your friends and family. One of the reasons why some police officers get away with using excessive force on unarmed BIPOC is because racist attitudes remain common. YOU can help to stop a racist attitude in it’s tracks by rejecting racism whenever you see or hear it. All you have to do is keep repeating that police brutality is wrong. Tell everyone you know, every single time the topic comes up.

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Next time that you hear that a police officer used excessive force and killed an unarmed person–speak up! Tell the people around you that the police were in the wrong. Tell everyone that only 13% of the U.S. population is black, but somehow 24% of the people killed by the police are black. Point out that something is fishy about that and state that you believe that systemic racism is contributing to the disproportionate use of police violence against people of colour. Ignore the ‘whataboutism’ that you will surely hear from those who resist positive change.

The more you and others state these truths out loud, the more accepted these ideas will become. You can do it.

John Lewis’s life continues to rejuvenate our hope for justice


Check out this excellent video:

Spread this video far and wide. The whole world needs to see the brutality of American police forces and the endorsement of this brutality from FORMER President Donald Trump. The only way for people to understand the issues surrounding police brutality and the disproportionate use of force against black Americans is if they see it with their own eyes.

Click here to view the Black Lives Matter website for more information about police brutality and how to support this social justice movement.

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Click here to read about the history of police brutality in the USA.

one of the Minneapolis police officers arresting George Floyd before he died.
This is the expression of a man who is used to killing. It’s old hat.

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