The Capitol Riot was a real insurrection

The Capitol Riot was a real insurrection

Too many people believe the Capitol Riot was some sort of joke, or that it was just a bunch of crazies that lost control of themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth and the U.S. Senate must take the insurrection seriously. The clowns you saw on your television screens were just a distraction meant to divert your attention away from the true nature of the insurrection. There must be consequences, or it will send a message that what happened on January 6th, 2020 was okay. It was far from okay because 5 people died and at least 140 members of law enforcement were seriously injured. What happened was a direct assault on democracy and should not be tolerated.

‘QAnon Shaman’  Jacob Chansley feels betrayed — and is now willing to testify against Trump: report
Jacob Chansley, the QShaman, feels betrayed by Trump

Trump led an army of clowns to attack the Capitol:

On January 6th, people all over the world watched a ridiculous looking man storm into the Senate Chamber. This man is known as the ‘Q Shaman’ and he has been an ardent supporter of former President Trump. Sadly for him, the Q Shaman is an even bigger pawn than the one he has tattooed on his belly. Jacob Chansley earned nothing for his efforts to help Trump –except maybe for a jail term.

Jacob Chansley is over Trump and now willing to testify at impeachment trial

Saying that Chansley looked ridiculous is a bit of an understatement, and in no way meant to cast any aspersion upon those who practice shamanism. Jacob Chansley looked ridiculous because he was dressed (or half undressed) in ritual regalia while appearing to lead an insurrection. Flanked on either side of him were other odd looking characters wearing MAGA hats and hate symbols. It was sort of like we were watching a bad movie on television, only this was real and real people were getting hurt.

QAnon Shaman is willing to testify at Trump upcoming impeachment trial, according to his lawyer
Who are these jokers? Is this a prank? Are they about to start dancing to old Village People pop songs?
Trump supporter
Armed with a sharpened flag pole and a garbage can lid, this Trump supporter appears to be expecting some action.
Trump Supporters Flaunt Racist Symbols At US Capitol Coup Attempt
Is this clown for real?

Christianity on display at Capitol riot
Yeah, Jesus needs this clown to keep Trump in power for some mysterious reason that only conspiracy theorists understand.

Trump’s message was clear–“Stop the Steal”:

The Capitol Riot may not have looked like a typical coup attempt, but there should be no mistake that this event was a real insurrection. The Trump supporters that had stormed the Capitol were invited there by Trump over Twitter. After being bussed in from all over the country, Trump’s supporters listened to Trump tell them in person that he would be walking with them to the Capitol building to overturn the election. Why? Why on earth would they all march on the Capitol? They needed to “stop the steal”, claimed Trump.

Some Pro-Trump Rioters Wanted More Violence
What did this guy think he was going to do with those restraints?

Criminals pardoned by Trump, among them Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, came forward at rallies on the eve of the attack to tell the crowds they were fighting a battle between good and evil and they were on the side of good.

Tampa Bay Times

That is the point of all of this. The Stop the Steal rally was set up in advance. Trump supporters had been told for weeks that the election had been rigged by Democrats, that their freedom was at stake, that democracy itself was at stake. Every possible Trump surrogate and most high placed Republican voices parroted Trump’s conspiracy theories from every possible platform. Senators who knew better refused to admit that Trump had lost his bid for re-election. The complicity of the Trump Administration and the GOP members of the Senate and Congress were so effective that one might almost excuse the posse of insurrectionist clowns willing to commit violence. Almost.

“If you don’t fight … you’re not going to have a country anymore,”

Donald Trump warning his supporters that they must stop Biden from becoming President by stopping congress from certifying the election results.

While the insurrection clowns were soaking up all the attention, terrorists had planted pipe bombs the night before. That is not funny and needs to be taken seriously as the Capitol Riot was planned. There were also a number of militant groups that clearly had an agenda beyond hamming it up for the cameras. Moving in an “organized and practiced fashion“, militia members pushed into the Capitol while communicating through hand signals and over radios. What was their end game?

At approximately 1:00 p.m. EST on January 6, 2021, multiple law enforcement agencies received reports of a suspected pipe bomb with wires at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee (RNC) located at 310 First Street Southeast in Washington, D.C. At approximately 1:15 p.m. EST, a second suspected pipe bomb with similar descriptors was reported at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at 430 South Capitol Street Southeast #3 in Washington, D.C.
This is the person that law enforcement believes to have planted the pipe bombs. it is unknown why the explosive devices did not detonate.
Decoding the extremist symbols and groups at the Capitol Hill insurrection  | CTV News
The Proud Boys were just one of several organized groups that were involved in the January 6th insurrection.

GOP doesn’t care that the mob hoped to kill Mike Pence:

There is reason to believe that the insurrectionists were looking for Mike Pence to ensure that he followed Trump’s orders to overturn the election. Trump, and many of his supporters, had become frustrated with Pence who was rightly claiming that he had no power to overturn the election results. Seldom willing to accept facts, Trump’s MAGA crowd began to turn on Pence, and many of them were calling for Pence to be executed for treason.

…if Mike Pence does the right thing, we win the election. All he has to do. This is from the number one or certainly one of the top constitutional lawyers in our country. He has the absolute right to do it. We’re supposed to protect our country, support our country, support our constitution, and protect our constitution. States want to revote. The States got defrauded. They were given false information. They voted on it. Now they want to recertify. They want it back. All Vice-President Pence has to do is send it back to the States to recertify, and we become president, and you are the happiest people.

Donald Trump lies to his supporters and encourages believe in a conspiracy theory that Pence can overturn the election results.

Pence announced in advance that he would not come through for Trump. In response, some Trump supporters built a gallows outside the Capitol. Just a few days before, Twitter had been forced to stop the use of the hashtag “Hang Mike Pence”, but the crowd outside (and inside) the Capitol continued to chant the phrase.

noose erected at Capitol
Why would Pence want to be friends with his colleagues after this?

“On the phone, the next day, talking about what happened, McDaniel became emotional,” the Post writes. “She wanted Pence to know he was still welcome to come to the RNC meeting. He did not go. McDaniel fought back tears.”

No, there is no voter fraud in the US

Keeping in mind that Pence is a high ranking Republican, and that he has been loyal to Trump to a fault, it did not take very much for Trump and his followers to turn on him. At the same time, other high ranking Republicans have done nothing to acknowledge that a mob of Trump supporters had a plan to execute Pence– because he did not attempt to break the law for them. If this how Washington will get stuff done in the future? Simply threaten to kill politicians that will not toe the line?


Rudy Giuliani drove the message of violence home:

Rudy Giuliani had a significant role in inciting Trump’s mob. After ensuring the rally attendees that he believed the election was rigged, Rudy Giuliani encouraged them to stage a “trial by combat”. What is this? Game of Thrones? Turns out that Rudy was indeed referring to the type of trial by combat seen on the television show Game of Thrones.

“I was referring to the kind of trial that took place for Tyrion in that very famous documentary about fictitious medieval England,” Giuliani clarified for the politics publication. “When Tyrion, who is a very small man, is accused of murder. He didn’t commit murder, he can’t defend himself, and he hires a champion to defend him.”


Can we unpack this a little? Rudy wants Game of Thrones style trial by combat where a man with limited physical capital hires a mercenary to kill his opponent for him. KILL him. With a sword. Dead. Who will Trump’s champion be? Who will that champion kill? What was Rudy thinking?

More importantly, Giuliani specifically used words that anyone would interpret as inciting violence. The main concept behind the practice of ‘trial by combat’ is that the role of argument or debate is over. The human judge is replaced by the Will of God or by fate. A trial by combat allows the strong to take power from the weak. That is not democracy, and it isn’t legal, either. Why hasn’t Giuliani been arrested?

As for “that very famous documentary about fictitious medieval England” quip– we can’t even. Seriously, does everyone in the Trump Administration take stupidity enhancing pills?

Every single time someone stands up and claims that an impeachment trial is a waste of time, that it is unconstitutional, that America should move on, or any other weak excuse to appease Trump’s mob, America is being let down. Democracy is being let down and the door is being opened to allow other would-be dictators to grasp power through violence. The only sane way forward is to convict.

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