Kayleigh McEnany: cross wearing hypocrite

Kayleigh McEnany: cross wearing hypocrite

Kayleigh McEnany has had a rough week. Word is that Trump blames her for his downfall. Why Trump believes that Kayleigh is at fault for his numerous follies is anyone’s guess, because everyone knows how hard Kayleigh worked at lying for Trump. Failing to make wise decisions about her future employability, Kayleigh McEnany put all her eggs in a single basket. She chose lies over truth and became complicit in Trump’s willingness to overturn democracy.


Kayleigh didn’t just lie for Trump. She turned lying into an artform, lying about lying, lying about what Trump said and did, and lying about events that we saw unfold in front of our very eyes. Kayleigh’s shameless lying for Trump is a huge reason why Trump supporters felt entitled to march on the Capital on January 6th. Does Kayleigh realize that? Does she regret her role in causing an insurrection? Do we even care how this cross wearing hypocrite feels? One thing is sure, if you need to hire a liar, Kayleigh is the best.

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Who would believe that such a sweet Christian girl would be such a huge liar?

In her first presser as White House Spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany claimed she would never lie, but then in her very next breath she told a lie. That took some guts. That first presser of lies must have emboldened Kayleigh’s Jesus loving heart to lie further because she continued to lie at every opportunity she was given. Jesus wept, but Kayleigh didn’t seem to care.

Sure, most politicians can be accused of lying about something at least once in their careers, but Trump lies are extra special. Trump hasn’t just lied about tax cuts, ending social programs, or even about how many extra-marital affairs that he has indulged in. No, Trump’s lies have struck at the very heart of America’s democratic institutions. When Trump has lied, it has been about life and death situations such as the effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic and the results of the 2020 Presidential election. People have died and American democracy is in peril because Kaleigh McEnany amplified Trump’s lies.

Kayleigh McEnany on Twitter: "This tweet by a New York Times reporter is  misleading. I was TWICE asked a hypothetical about the health of the  President and Vice President. Full context of
This will forever be Kayleigh McEnany’s legacy. Children will grow up fearful that they will become just like Kayleigh.

It didn’t have to be this way. Kayleigh McEnany was not forced to take the job as a White House spokesperson. She knew that Trump’s former spokespeople were highly criticized for their role in repeating Trump’s lies. Still, McEnany took the opportunity to work for Trump, and to fearlessly lie for him in a way that would make earlier Trump spokespersons blush. Kayleigh’s lack of moral center is quite impressive.

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Baghdad Bob claims lies about the 2020 Presidential election are no big deal.

Remember Baghdad Bob? The entire world was entertained by his insistence that everything in Baghdad was just fine. Kayleigh McEnany is a lot like Baghdad Bob. The United States was crumbling around her and she kept repeating Trump’s lies. Did Kayleigh understand what she was doing? Yes, she did. This woman went to Harvard. She is an adult. She should be held responsible for her role in the January 6th insurrection.

Kayleigh McEnany “lies the way most people breathe”

Image may contain: 2 people, text that says 'BREAKING: hair & makeup team resigns from white house W HO ON'
Soon after armed Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building, Kayleigh emerged in one of those celebrity style apologies that include appearing in public with less make-up than usual. Was it a sign of remorse?

Kayleigh’s final presser with substantially less make-up than usual and definitely a lot fewer hair extensions might have been the moment of her epiphany that she had hitched her wagon to the wrong star. She may have scrubbed off the orange pancake foundation and the Trumpesque hair weave, but truly, it is Kayleigh’s dirty lying heart that people will remember.

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