Trump has cut Rudy Loose

Trump has cut Rudy Loose

Rudy Giuliani gave up his self respect and his reputation for Trump. What did he get in return? Nothing. Actually, Rudy got less than nothing because there is no conceivable way to rehabilitate the treasonous monster that he has become. The fall from ‘America’s Mayor’ to ‘lying sycophantic sack of sedition’ is a long one, but Giuliani brought it upon himself. Trump has cut Rudy loose, and there will be no respite for Rudy as he floats away in the sea of lies, treason and insurrection. Not only does Rudy face disbarment, but he will be lucky to stay out of prison.


Being a friend to Trump has few rewards

Rudy Giuliani’s saga is a lesson to all the other Trump sycophants that would rather debase themselves than turn on Trump. Have any of Trump’s enablers come out on top? Has anyone who has truly sacrificed for Trump been rewarded? It does not seem so. Eventually, Trump turns on everyone. Now, even Rudy, reported to be one of Trump’s oldest and dearest friends, has been cut loose. They were the kind of buddies that dress up in drag and make out on video—yeah–weird.

As said, however, Rudy has brought these misfortunes upon himself. He knew the type of man that Trump is, didn’t he? As Trump’s ‘personal lawyer’ Rudy would have been aware of the 60 lawsuits that have involved Trump’s failure to pay his creditors. Anyone paying attention would know that many people have complained after Trump has refused to pay what he owed them. It’s a thing. Trump has a reputation for not paying his bills, and Rudy should have expected it when Trump stopped taking his calls.

Trump has instructed his aides not to pay Giuliani’s outstanding fees. The president is reportedly offended by Giuliani’s demand for $20,000 a day – a figure the lawyer denies, but which is apparently in writing. White House officials have even been told not to put through any of Giuliani’s calls.

The Guardian
Rudy gave everything for Trump and got nothing in return. Not even a paycheck.

As much as Rudy has been let down by Trump, he deserves it. This is a man who has lied for months about the results of the 2020 Presidential election. He has brought forward numerous frivolous lawsuits , all of which have failed as there remains no evidence that any election fraud occurred. Moments before the fateful Capitol riots on January 6th, Rudy told the crowd that it was time for “trial by combat”. That’s not cool, and Rudy should probably have been arrested by now.

Is there election fraud in the United States?

Does anyone feel sorry for Rudy after he called for trial by combat?

Rudy Giuliani is a major reason why the United States is suffering domestic terror attacks. The entire reason why Trump supporters are convinced that election fraud occurred is because Rudy Giuliani has been lying to them. Rudy’s actions have been so outrageous, that his demands for payment are laughable. It is sort of like when someone calls the police to complain their drug dealer ripped them off.

Rudy Giuliani is a lying liar who had done everything he can to fraudulently overturn election results.

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