Is Jeffrey Epstein Alive?

Is Jeffrey Epstein Alive?

Probably not. Nor is Elvis, Princess Diana, JFK Jr, Tupac or any other famous dead person that conspiracy theorists fixate on. Sadly, facts won’t stop certain people from spreading dumb conspiracy theories or believing in lies. Believing that dead people are truly alive is a symptom of desperation and grief. Spreading lies that dead people are still alive is an act of manipulation. So, when some dumbass insists that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive, they are trying to manipulate others.


So, who is claiming that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive? None other than sketchy Trump crony Lin Wood. This guy is a member of the Trump Campaign’s litigation team and he has been working tirelessly to overturn the election. Actually, this Wood guy has been involved in a lot of sketchy stuff–like representing Kyle Rittenhouse.

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For some reason, Lin Wood is claiming that Jeffry Epstein is alive and that Chief Justice John Roberts knows all about it. Sounds like an ominous side story to Wood’s attempts to litigate the 2020 election on Trump’s behalf. What does this Lin Wood dude have up his sleeve? How will spreading lies about Epstein and Roberts assist that project?

Lin Wood accuses Roberts of murdering Scalia and that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive.
Trump crony Lin Wood claims that Jeffrey Epstein is alive. Is crazy catching?

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The key to Wood’s ranting is probably in his accusation that Chief Justice John Roberts had something to do with the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016. Please. This is nonsense. Not only does Wood suggest that Chief Justice Roberts was involved in the death of Justice Scalia, but he claims that Chief Justice Roberts was involved in the criminal activities of Jeffrey Epstein.

This isn’t funny and it is not normal. It is intimidation.

Lin wood has accused Chief Justice Roberts of some very serious crimes. Why? Is it because Wood’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election through litigation have failed? Isn’t the intimidation of a Supreme Court Justice a crime? Is this the new way to get things done in American politics? Don’t like election results so you can just intimidate judges until they overturn the results? That is not democracy.

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Most people would simply laugh at such blatant attempts to intimidate judges, but the judges are not really the target here. The real target is the large group of Americans that have become vulnerable to lies and conspiracy theories. The Trump team does not need to convince any judges that the election was rigged, they only must convince the citizens who trust their word.

Then, apparently, they take the next step and tell their trusting followers they need to stock up on guns and ammo to deal with the alleged failure of America’s electoral system. That has GOT to be illegal. Isn’t that illegal?


Why would Americans need ‘2nd Amendment supplies’, and why will there be no food, electricity or water? Whatever the Trump camp has up their sleeve, it sounds dangerous. While all of this rigged election stuff and all the people involved appear to be cranks, don’t be fooled into thinking they do not know what they are doing.

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