There is no #Pencecard

There is no #Pencecard

Really Donald? Are you threatening Pence? Take your meds, and I don’t mean the Adderall.

The Trumpcoup 2020 team is working hard to convince people that Donald Trump has a chance of remaining President despite losing the election. Who are these treasonous dumbasses who would trade democracy for Trumpism? GOP traitors? Russian operatives? Who knows. What is important is to understand that everything on Trump’s Twitter feed is a lie. There is no #Pencecard.


Trumpcoup seditionists appear to like Stalin:

Joseph Stalin meme.  Memes of Sedition.
Joseph Stalin knew how to fix an election–apparently.

One media outlet has gone as far as suggesting that the #Pencecard is real and that Joseph Stalin knows how to make everything better. Yes, STALIN. Somehow, Joseph Stalin is being presented in memes as someone that Trump should emulate. How is this even happening?

Both of these popular MAGA memes are spread by disgruntled Trump followers who are willing to overturn the results of the 2020 election just so they can get their way. You would think that Russian trolls were behind this–oh wait! The best part of this controversy is that Stalin didn’t even say this–probably. Still, the GOP seems to need someone to look up to, even if that means sharing memes of sedition.

JOSEPH STALIN the People Who Cast the Votes Decide Nothing the People Who  Count the Votes Decide Everything Remember the People Who Count the Votes  Decides Everything We Can't Let the Democrats. Memes of Sedition.
In the Trumpiverse, democracy requires disenfranchising people unlikely to vote for Trump.

Trump won most counties that used Dominion voting machines–click here

Why are we talking about Stalin? Only because he was quoted in reference to what the Trumpcoup nuts are referring to as the #Pencecard. The pro-Trump media outlet Rasmussen Reports seems to have Tweeted a quote by Stalin as some sort of justification for Pence to reject the electoral votes that Trump and the GOP would prefer did not exist.

After some criticism of their use of a Stalin quote, Rasmussen doubled down suggesting that Thomas Jefferson used a #Pencecard and that it remains justified that Pence merely counts the votes that favor Trump. Remember that the important thing in all of this is to ‘own the libs’. Just ask this Andy Stang person who seems upset about the voting machines.
Mike Rothschild on Twitter: "The #PenceCard is not going to be a thing.  Pence will accept the legally cast electoral college votes based on the  legally certified results of the legally held
Is this Melissa a real person? If she is she is pretty dumb. This entire Tweet is a lie. Note that Pence didn’t do anything on December 23rd, 2020, so the MAGAts chose a new date, #Jan6 for Pence to try again.

The #Pencecard:

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These people are nutbars. Pence does not have the power to reject any certified electoral votes. He can’t say “OH I don’t like how Georgia voted so I am not counting them”.

What is the #Pencecard? Nothing. It is a pipedream cooked up by a desperate bunch of seditionists hoping to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election. Frankly, it is embarrassing, but Trump doesn’t care as he happily re-Tweets any conspiracy theory that favors him.

What is Trump telling his cult? That something big is happening on January 6th. That is the date that Pence will open and count the state certified electoral votes. Will he try to use his #Pencecard? Only if he acts like a seditious fool!

Sadly, Trump seems to have bought into the idea that Pence can just refuse to open electoral ballots from the states that did not vote for him. Yeah, crazy. The entire argument rests on the false assumption that certain states had illegitimate electors. Remember when Kellyanne Conway insisted that Trump had alternative facts? This is the kind of crap that she was talking about.

Is there voter fraud in the United States?–click here

Kellyanne Conway alternative facts meme
Alternative reality is Be Best reality. Perhaps everything Kellyanne said over the past 5 years was merely conditioning Americans to doubt reality. In a few months when Kellyanne tries to rehabilitate her image, make sure you remember what a lying horrible person she was.

In an attempt to change the results of the election, the Trump campaign assembled an ALTERNATE group of electors in certain states. Yes. Alternate electors. Don’t worry, though. These votes do not actually have any legal authority. Congress might look at Trump’s alternative electoral votes, but both the House and the Senate would have to vote to accept them. That is unlikely to happen because Pence does not have the authority to reject state certified electoral votes. If it does happen? Well, then a coup succeeded and America is over.

This guy explains how there is no #Pencecard to play.

Tricking Americans with alternative facts:

We know by now that that Trump’s strategy has been to cause doubt about everything and to make alternative facts seem real. That is why the memes of sedition are working and too many people, including a bunch foolish GOP Senators believe Trump’s lies . Trump and his helpers are doing everything they can to cast doubt on reality. How far they go is anyone’s guess.

trump meme of sedition
The Trumpcoup is pre-meditated. Trump has continually cast doubt on the US electoral system for at least a DECADE!

How the Trump Campaign manages to get people to believe their conspiracy theories–click here

George Orwell meme.  Trump meme.  Alternative facts.
In the end, it comes down to this.

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