Trump’s Twitter feed reveals the extent of his delusion

Trump’s Twitter feed reveals the extent of his delusion

Birds of a feather flock together. At least that is what they tell us–whoever ‘they’ are. There is truth in this saying, however, and there is no better example than outgoing President Trump’s Twitter feed. We have always been able to to learn who Trump really is by what he Tweets and who he re-Tweets. This time, Trump’s new friend is Randy Quaid.


Unwilling, and possibly unable, to come to terms with his recent electoral defeat, Trump grasps at any type of flattery or validation, no matter what the source. If white nationalists flatter him, he flatters them back. If a murderous dictator compliments him, Trump hands them whatever they hope for. Some have suggested Trump is a national security risk due to his susceptibility to being flattered into action.

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Randy Quaid attempts to get an invite to Mar-A-Lago. It will probably work.

So who is flattering Trump during this terrible transition period? Conspiracy theorists and washed up celebrities looking for attention. Bizarrely, Randy Quaid has caught the attention of Trump. How did he do it? All Quaid had to do was suggest there is a conspiracy afoot and that Trump was robbed of the election. Randy Quaid is probably a nice enough guy, but it is well known that he has been struggling with his mental health over the past decade.

You went full retard man, never go full retard - RANDY QUAID WENT FULL RANDY QUAID.  NEVER GO FULL RANDY QUAID.

“Hollywood is murdering its movie stars for ad sales. … We want asylum from the murderous people in Hollywood. Accountants and lawyers — embezzlers,” Evi Quaid said, adding that “Heath Ledger was murdered.”

Seven Amazing Quotes From Randy And Evi Quaid - Stereogum
Randy and Evi Quaid continue to enjoy a good conspiracy theory now and again.

When they sought asylum in Canada to seek protection from “star whackers”, Quaid and his wife Evi were believed to have been experiencing Folie à deux, which is also known as ‘shared psychotic disorder’. As expected, there is no evidence that actors are being murdered in the hope of generating ad revenue for movie studios. No, really. Don’t worry. The Canadian authorities investigated and came up empty.

Randy Quaid discusses what the Star Whackers are doing.

Randy Quaid’s delusions about his personal woes are remarkably similar to what Trump complains about–that there is a massive conspiracy to make his life miserable. In Quaid’s mind, the same star whackers that chased him a decade ago are maybe the same people that are now coming after Trump. Willing to latch on to any suggestion that he was unfairly fired as POTUS, Trump has started retweeting Quaid’s ramblings.

Trump, and now Quaid, have suggested that FOX News conspired against Trump.

In any situation, in any country in the world, would a head of state post such a thing to social media? Thankfully, such a thing is shockingly unusual. It gets worse though. Trump is not just sharing Quaid’s ramblings, he is endorsing them. Trump wants Republicans to believe that the election was rigged. It is the same thing Trump has been saying al along, and now he has Randy Quaid to back him up!

79 million Americans do NOT believe the election was rigged. Some Trump supporters have been convinced that the election was rigged because Trump lies and keeps telling them that.

All day long, Trump has repeatedly Tweeted and re-Tweeted false information and propaganda from Randy Quaid. Each Tweet is dumber than the next, but Trump seems to be caught up in the delusion. Perhaps those Republican senators can finally agree to let Trump go home early to Mar-A-Lago. God knows that Trump needs the rest.

is randy quaid available for the biopic - | Make a Meme
Quaid could play Trump or himself. Doesn’t matter.

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WTF? This is nonsense. Total nonsense and delusional ramblings, but Trump re-Tweeted it.

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