Some people we wish we had never met

Some people we wish we had never met

Trump told us he was going to hire all the best people. How did that turn out? Most of the people that Trump hired are people we wish we had never met.


Normally, when someone says they will be hiring the ‘best people’, it usually means that there is a plan to hire someone who is competent and skilled at the job in question. Not in Trump world. In Trump world, almost anything goes. The only criteria to get onto Team Be Best is to be a shameless sycophant. Let’s take a look at a few of these people we wish we had never met.


Omarosa Contradicts Her Book, Saying She Heard Trump Use 'N-Word' On Tape :  NPR
Reality TV Supervillain Amarosa

None of us NEEDED to meet Amarosa Manigault Newman. Sure, she is mildly entertaining as a reality TV supervillain, but the Executive Branch does not really need one of those. It appears, however, that Amarosa is the only black person Trump has ever known, so he made her the Director of African-American Outreach for his campaign. After he was elected, Trump created a very special position for her in his Administration and Amarosa became known as Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison. In that role, Amarosa boasts a single accomplishment–she managed to get the Congressional Black Caucus to decline her invitation to the White House. Wow. Then, she was fired for “money and integrity issues” and inappropriate use of company vehicles” by John Kelly. Double wow.

Well, what did anyone expect? This is what happens when you hire a professional drama queen. The only fun part about any of this is that Amarosa has continued to be a thorn in Trump’s pudgy side–what with her tell all book and all.

Omarosa Manigult Newman Official Website

Michael Cohen:

Cohen was never a part of the Trump Administration. He was just a guy that Trump and other guys like Sean Hannity hired to clean up their scandals. No one wants to know what scandal that Hannity needed Cohen for, and hopefully that information NEVER comes out. Sadly, we all had to learn about the things that Cohen did for Trump and none of them are family friendly content.

Michael Cohen Could've Helped Trump Legally Pay Off Stormy Daniels
Family values. Not just for Republicans.

Why do we care about Michael Cohen? Only because paying an adult film star $130k in exchange for having her sign a non-disclosure agreement is considered a campaign finance violation. Who knew!? Cohen pleaded guilty and got 3 years in federal prison. Wow, not only do we wish we never met Cohen, but Cohen probably wishes that he never met Trump.

Stormy Daniels, the lady in question, wishes she had never met Trump.


Rudy Giuliani:

OK so we knew Rudy before, but since he started working full time for Trump, he has become a whole new person. Well, not really. America’s Mayor has probably always been this horrible, but it took Trump to get him to truly reveal himself.

Rudy Giuliani's hair malfunction is a lesson in vanity | The Independent
Whatever hair products that Rudy uses–they are not working for him.

Giuliani is a very sweaty guy. No one truly knows why he sweats so much, but there is a rumor out there that it has to do with Rudy’s deep seated guilt about destroying democracy. This man is melting down. BIGLY.

The important thing to remember is that not everybody who sweats is trying to bring down democracy, but everyone who is trying to bring down democracy is probably sweating.

Vanity Fair

The only question is WHY is Rudy Giuliani making such a spectacle of himself? People who used to think they knew Rudy find him unrecognizable from his former self. Giuliani’s latest crazy move is to suggest that some Democrats need their heads cut off. ???? Whoever this new democracy destroying Giuliani is, we don’t want to know him.

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“Somehow the Democrat party was hijacked by Clinton and since then has gotten more corrupt and more corrupt and more corrupt. Somebody better cut their head off.” –Rudy Giuliani on Hannity.

The Independent

Even Hannity looked shocked. Do NOT get sidetracked by Rudy’s oozing sweat, however. Concentrate on his lies and made up evidence. Either Giuliani has gone insane, or he is up to something. Is he just trying to get his case to the SCOTUS?


Kayleigh McEnany:

Who is this woman and what planet did she come from? Kayleigh McEnany appears to deliver her press briefings just minutes before she leaves for a cocktail party. It is not what she wears that matters, however. It is what she says. Sadly, most of what she says are lies.

06/30/20: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing - YouTube
Never before have the White House Briefings seen so much skin.

Although Trump has clearly lost the election, dear old Kayleigh McEnany keeps pushing conspiracy theories and outright lies in a terrible attempt to undermine faith in the American electoral system. Why is she doing this? Does she actually believe there is still a path to victory for Trump? We don’t want to know someone who is undermining democracy.

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Stephen Miller:

This Be Best Henchman normally works behind the scenes to destroy everything that is good about America. Stephen Miller is the architect of Trump’s immigration policy. He is the guy that separates children from their parents and then confines them to cages. Yeah, that guy. The guy that the Southern Poverty Law Center added to their list of extremists.

Image may contain Tie Accessories Accessory Human Person Stephen Miller Suit Coat Clothing Overcoat and Apparel
Evil incarnate. The Anti-Christ. Monster. There is no shortage of descriptive names for the sadist.

Trump handed Stephen Miller a lot of power, and that power has seemingly been used for evil. So evil that a lot of people do not want to know him.

To most Republican staffers, he was known for his mass e-mails about immigration, full of links to articles from fringe Web sites. “I just started deleting them when I’d see his name,” a senior Republican staffer told me. “Everyone did.”

The New Yorker

Thanks to Stephen Miller and his hatred for immigrants, thousands of migrant children were separated from their parents at the border. Many of these children have finally been re-united with their parents, but there remains 545 migrant children whose parents are now missing. The parents are considered unreachable.

It gets worse, if that is possible. These children continue to suffer at the hands of Stephen Miller. The Department of Justice had negotiated a settlement deal with the migrant families that included $8 million dollars in funding to provide mental health services to the migrant families that suffered trauma due to Trump’s immigration policies. Miller said no.

“Many of these children thought their parents had deliberately abandoned them. The longer that trauma goes unredressed, the more severe the consequences. We had a deal, a good deal. Everybody was feeling good about where we were. Then they came back and said no.”

Vanity Fair
Melania Trump totally changed her story on the 'I really don't care' jacket  - CNNPolitics
Melania wears her special jacket to visit migrant children at the border.

None of these people are worth knowing, and yet they are constantly on our minds. Not a single one of them have done a thing to make America great. In fact, this random gaggle of losers is merely the tip of the iceberg. There is not a single person associated with Trump or the Trump Administration that have been worth knowing. Just think how great it will be when all these terrible people retire to Mar-A-Lago never to be heard from again. January is coming.

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