Covid-19 denier, Elon Musk, now has Covid-19

Covid-19 denier, Elon Musk, now has Covid-19

Ah yes, dear old Elon Musk. So impassioned about his electric cars and his mission to space. Not long ago he claimed to have taken the red pill and now he appreciates Trump and has doubts about the existence of Covid-19. Seriously, the man has been showing us who he really is of late: just another self-obsessed uber-capitalist. Now, Elon Musk has Covid-19 and hopefully he will start changing his Covid-19 denial ways.

Ya think?

In March, Musk predicted there would be close to zero new cases in the U.S. by April and made no bones about his frustration with shutdown orders that temporarily halted production at Teslaโ€™s auto plant in Fremont, California.

National Post

It’s true. Elon Musk now has Covid-19 after months of complaining that it was probably a hoax.

Click here to read about Elon Musk’s temper tantrum over the Covid-19 closures that temporarily shut down his Tesla factory.

We have known about his diagnosis for some time because Elon keeps Tweeting about some Covid-19 test conspiracy. Someone please explain to Elon Musk that the rapid tests are known to have unreliable results. After what happened at the now famous “White House Massacre” most people finally understand this.

Speaking of the White House Covid-10 outbreak, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. There is now a second wave of White House infections, including more than 130 secret service members who are either sick or quarantined due to Covid-19 infection. Did you catch that? 130 secret service members is about 10% of their total strength. Who is protecting President Trump, President-elect Biden, and all the others who need it? The guys that just finished training last week? Maybe.

Elon Musk has about 40 million followers on his Twitter account. So, when he says something stupid like “Something extremely bogus is going on”, a lot of people hear about it. What is the bogus thing going on? Covid-19 testing. In this case, Elon’s conspiracy theory addled mind jumped to the conclusion that there are a lot of false positives. Way to undermine efforts to contain Covid-19, ELON!

It’s the false negatives that are the problem.

Of course, we all remember how Elon, also known as Space Karen, melted down over California’s lockdown? All the lack of freedom to put his employees at risk really upset Elon, and he threatened to move to Texas.

Yeah, HOW DARE the government of California try and save lives!

So, now that Elon has Covid-19, will he change? Will he stop insinuating that Covid-19 is a hoax? Will he feel any compassion for his employees? Will he do anything useful to help people avoid getting Covid-19? Will he die? After all, that is a possibility. Time will tell.

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