Trump knows he has lost and it is okay to gloat about it

Trump knows he has lost and it is okay to gloat about it

It’s okay to gloat, because Trump would definitely be gloating if he had won this election. Actually, Trump’s current lack of gloating is likely a sign that he knows he has lost. Instead of smug self congratulations, Trump is Tweeting about how the election has been stolen.

It is true the election is close, but to get to the finish line, Trump still needs to win Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Nevada. If Biden wins any one of those states, he will win. Chances are, Biden will win Nevada and become the President-elect.


Trump’s response? A temper tantrum of epic proportions. Defying all reason (no surprise, Trump suggests that the vote counting should just stop. Just look at this Tweet:


Yes, that is the way that it works. The people cast a vote and then some other people sit there and count those votes. All the votes get counted. The person that gets the most votes wins. Sometimes all the votes are counted again– just to make sure. That is DEMOCRACY!


As Trump’s meltdown continued, his ability to grasp simple logic declined:

LOL, what? Yes, Biden has won the popular vote. Bigly. Voting is GOOD for the country.

Again, this is how it works. Some people will vote for Trump, and some people vote for Biden. Other people get votes, also. Like Kanye West who somehow manage to accumulate over 70,000 votes. Also, a libertarian named Jo Jorgensen managed to collect over 1.6 million votes. Joe Biden is a really popular guy. Of course they are going to find Biden votes all over the place.

Trump boldly revealed why he dislikes mail-in ballots so much. The mail-in ballots are making him lose.

Hmm. So, like, you mean that all these mail-in ballots are for Biden?

Wait–we thought you planned it that way! Didn’t you? You told everyone that mail in voting was bad and that voting in person was best. Do you think your supporters immediately applied for absentee ballots? No, Silly! Just like you hoped, all your supporters voted in person while a disproportionate number of Biden supporters voted by mail. Now you can try to get your recent SCOTUS appointments to throw those votes out. Who came up with this evil genius of a plan? Was it Jared? Come on, you can tell us. Oh dear–was it Putin?

Ultimately, it is looking bad for Trump. He is likely bitter after all his attempts at voter suppression failed. Especially in Michigan where Republican operatives have been working for a year to scare people off mail-in voting. There was even a last ditch effort to convince people in Flint to vote on November 4th, and thousands of robocalls warning voters to just stay home where they would be safe. Wow, bold and risky, not to mention shamelessly corrupt.

Click here to read about voter suppression in Michigan.

If Trump fails to win the remaining states that he needs, he should concede with grace and let everyone carry on with their lives. He won’t though. Already, Trump has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia , claiming that campaign observers have not been permitted to monitor the vote counts.

At one Michigan location in question The Associated Press observed poll watchers from both sides monitoring on Wednesday.


It seems this disaster of an election is going to continue for some time.


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