Republicans are voting for Biden

Republicans are voting for Biden

If you usually vote Republican, be assured that it is okay to vote for the other party once in a while. A lot of Republicans are voting for Biden. The Trump Administration is not quite adhering to mainstream Republican values, and everyone with a shred of decency knows this. You can vote for Biden even if you do not agree with his entire platform, because this time around, it is good enough that the candidate is sane.


Voting for the other team goes for Democrats, too. Looking back at the great Presidents, who wouldn’t have voted for Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln
Many people are saying that President Lincoln was a great guy and an awesome President. He was also a Republican, and that’s just fine.

Likewise, who wouldn’t have voted for Franklin Delano Roosevelt? After all, FDR is the guy that dragged America out of the Depression and led the nation through the catastrophe of WWII. You might even say he was one of the Presidents that made America great.

FDR 1944 Color Portrait.jpg
Many people are saying that FDR was a great president. So great that he was elected President FOUR terms! Not bad for a Democrat!

In the end, it doesn’t matter what party the candidate belongs to. What matters is what kind of person they are and if they are capable of doing the right thing. The President needs to be someone who is honestly trying to act in the best interests of all Americans, no matter what political party they belong to.

Now Biden may not turn out to be as memorable a President as either Lincoln or Roosevelt, but that is okay. What America needs is a nice and calm Administration governed by someone who knows how to run a democracy. The best thing ever will be if Americans get a nice rest after the last 4 years of chaos.

Joe Biden - Wikipedia
Many people are saying that Joe Biden is a nice guy. He is reported to be super chill about things and he tells a lot of Dad jokes. Doesn’t that sound nice?

On the other hand, Biden might turn out to be a giant among Presidents. He is poised, after all, to lead America through the remainder of the current global pandemic and to dig the economy out of the dumpster. Spoiler: Biden already has experience in rehabilitating the economy after the crash of 2008. If you are not aware, that crash was a really big deal. It was nearly the end of everything. That’s right, you nearly starred in a dystopian disaster movie where humans resort to cannibalism to survive. You think we kid?

People blamed Obama for the ‘Great Recession’, but it was lax mortgage regulations during the Bush Administration that burned it all down.

When all the dust finally settles, the history books are going to tell a story of how the Obama Administration saved the world from a catastrophic global recession with a $787 billion economic stimulus package. The $700 billion bank bailout that was passed by Congress also helped save us from apocalyptic ruin. These economic policies are the reason why you were not forced to feed your children human flesh between 2008-2012.

Click here to read about how Trump’s economic policies are just plain terrible.

Barack Obama - U.S. Presidency, Education & Family - Biography
Barrack Obama ended up being a pretty good choice when it came to saving the global economy. That’s right, a DEMOCRAT saved the world economy.

Now what will Trump’s legacy be? Oh many things and the dust is not going to settle for quite a while. One thing is sure though:


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