Covid-19 is still a danger

Covid-19 is still a danger

While Americans argue whether or not Covid-19 even exists, the U.K. is going into a lockdown that is expected to last at least four weeks. The attempt to control the spread of the virus through regional lockdowns has failed, and there are now approximately 100,000 daily new infections in England alone. The full force of this second wave is sure to hit the United States. So, why is the United States ignoring the second wave? There are more infections in the United States than any other nation, and yet, the Trump Administration pretends that the global pandemic is over. Spoiler: the global pandemic is not over. Not by a long shot. Trust the rest of the world that Covid-19 is still a danger.

This is what governments are really saying when they refuse to control the spread of Covid-19

Throughout Europe, governments are implementing new measures to thwart the spread of Covid-19–and for good reason. Much like the first wave of Covid-19, the second wave has hit Europe first. That reality has led several European nations to resume lockdowns. In Germany, for example, restaurants, bars, gyms, and theaters have been closed and Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Germans of a long, hard winter. Likewise, President Emmanuel Macron warns that the second wave will be harder than the first and has reinstated a total lockdown of France where people must stay in their homes except for essential work or medical needs. Poland, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and the Republic of Ireland have all re-imposed Covid-19 lockdowns.

The second wave has also begun in North America, but news media is flooded with stories about the election. The election is important, but it is drowning out the horror of increasing Covid-19 infections. Additionally, certain media outlets and politicians have been indulging in Covid-19 denial.

This is the state of pandemic response in the US

Just days before a momentous and unpredictable Presidential election, the United States has reached a new record high in the number of daily COVID-19 infections, surpassing the peak in mid-July during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic’s domestic toll. As of Oct. 24, there was a weekly average of 23.0 infections per 100,000 residents, up from 20.5 on July 19 and ticking rapidly upward. The country also set a new single-day record on Oct. 23 with 83,757 new cases.

Time Magazine

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Is your government acting in your best interests?

Although the impact of Covid-19 has become deeply politicized in the United States (and increasingly in other nations), wishing the second wave away will not help. The reality is that large numbers of people are dying, and we know this for sure because we know how many extra deaths have been occurring and also due to the measures that local authorities have taken. For example, Covid-19 infections in Texas are rising and civil authorities have been forced to create additional morgue capacity. In El Paso, the authorities have required the use of four extra mobile morgues to deal with the increased numbers of people dying. The situation in El Paso is severe, and despite much legal opposition, El Paso County has attempted to impose a temporary lockdown of non-essential business. Texas state authorities, however, are resisting local attempts to shut down.

Does your government value your life?

“Our hospitals are at capacity, our medical professionals are overwhelmed, and if we don’t respond, we will see unprecedented levels of death,” Samaniego added. “I am hopeful that the Governor will work with us and recognize that this is a short-term remedy that is needed to contain the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 in our community.”

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego

Resisting lock down is political as the Trump Administration has repeatedly warned States to “open” their economies and their schools. Still, the virus does not care about politics. Covid-19 does not care if people think the global pandemic is a hoax. Europe has discovered that half measures will not hold back a second wave, and the United States needs to take that fact as a lesson. Short term economic pain now is preferable to long term economic destruction. If human life is precious, then saving lives is more important than maintaining GDP growth through a global pandemic.

Grandma’s life matters.

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