Where is Pence?

Why Pence has yet to test positive is a mystery as he was present at the super-spreader Rose Garden event where many members of the Trump Administration are believed to have contracted Covid-19.

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Hold the Schadenfreude: this is bad

So now that Trump has tested positive, there is a certain measure of schadenfreude at the news, but that sentiment will not last long. If Trump becomes unable to perform his duties, the Presidency must pass, to Pence. If Pence tests positive for Covid (and he very well might), and he too becomes incapacitated, the Presidency must be passed to Nancy Pelosi.

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Did Trump order an extra-judicial killing?

Reinoehl was suspected of killing a right-wing activist during a pro-Trump rally that took place in Portland, Oregon. It doesn’t matter, however, who was on the right or who was on the left. What matters is that President Trump implied that he had ordered an extra-judicial killing.

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