Being a friend to Trump has few rewards

Being a friend to Trump has few rewards

Trump doesn’t seem to like any of his top sycophants. Sometimes, he doesn’t even know who they are. Other times, he just insults them until they start begging for forgiveness. It must be so embarrassing for these people to lose their self respect like this. What have they been given in return for their loyalty? Mostly insults and threats. Just look at this brief list minions who have sold their souls to Trump, but seem to have received nothing in return.

Matt Gaetz:

Poor Chad, I mean Rick, or is it Nestor? Who knows? Who cares? Not Trump! The only thing that matters is that no sycophant has faithfully loved Trump like Whatsername. Trump is not quite sure who this guy is, but he heard that Whatsername says nice things about him. Vote for the other candidate and put whatshisname out of his misery. No one needs a spurned lover sitting in Congress.

It is not every day that we see this sort of Congressional love for a President.
Matt Gaetz adores Trump, but Trump doesn’t even know his name.

Lindsey Graham:

lindsey graham the closest donald trump has ever come to owning a dog. |  Make a Meme
Oh Lindsey!

In the very beginning, we all thought that Lindsey Graham would stand up to Trump, but that adventure was short lived. All it took was some outrageous insults from Trump and Lindsey was happy to heel. Is it because Lindsey enjoys the abuse? It is more likely that Lindsey has Stockholm syndrome.

ABC News on Twitter: "As Trump-Sessions rift continues to grow, Sen. Lindsey  Graham appears to suggest their problems are "deeper" than Sessions'  recusal from the Justice Department's Russia probe.…"
Why yes, yes it certainly is. If only it were this easy. If it was simply blackmail, we could get Lindsey out of this embarrassing mess. Something tells us there is a lot more to it than some scandal that Lindsey wants to keep hidden away.

“I think Lindsey Graham is a disgrace, and I think you have one of the worst representatives of any representative in the United States, and I don’t think he should run. I don’t think he could run for dog catcher in this state and win again. I really don’t. Other than that, I think he’s wonderful. …He’s one of the dumbest human beings I’ve ever seen.”


Harsh! Soon after these comments, Lindsey was eager to become Trump’s lapdog. The saddest part of the whole story is that Trump doesn’t like dogs. In fact, if he doesn’t like you, chances are he will call you a dog. A dirty sweaty dog.

Trump REALLY hates dogs. There is something wrong with him! You can’t trust people who do not like dogs. Only dog haters vote for Trump.

Ted Cruz:

Did anyone ever believe they would see a day when Ted Cruz appeared to be an honorable and likable man when compared to the President of the United States? Well that day came and it was every bit as ugly as anyone could imagine. Still, some of us are old enough to remember that time the entire nation laughed out loud when Lindsey Graham joked that: “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you,”. Ahhh, the good old days.

I am not voting for someone that attacks my wife with insults and calls her  ugly. Trump is immoral, a sniveling coward and pathological liar. TED CRUZ  JULY 2016 Screw my wife.
Well then…
Nah–Cruz is a lying Jerk.

“Donald does seem to have an issue with women,” Cruz said. “Donald doesn’t like strong women.”


Ted Cruz might know the truth about Trump’s attitude toward women, but that has not stopped Cruz from becoming Trump’s loyal sycophant. Trump didn’t stop at insulting Cruz’s wife either. Conspiracy theorist Trump started spreading rumors that Ted Cruz’s father killed JFK. Weird, but here we are.

Candidate Trump Accused Ted Cruz's Father of Being a Player in the  Assassination of JFK in Dallas Vocal Progressives and You Still Voted for  Donald Trump | Meme on ME.ME
It is kind of embarrassing how barbaric American politics has become.

Despite Cruz conspicuously supporting Trump and the Trump Administration’s agenda, he didn’t even get an invite to 2020 RNC. Maybe next time, Ted. Maybe next time. Just keep groveling. Groveling has always been a legitimate route to power.


Chris Christie:

Speaking of Chris Christie, few others have been so abused by Trump. Yet, the former New Jersey Governor keeps coming back for more.

Chris Christie Memes - Imgflip
Fat douchebag is not even the worst thing you could get called by Trump. Still, Christie must feel so sad inside.

So why did Chris Christie start shilling for Trump? Many people say that Christie was lured into submission after Trump dangled a Vice Presidential carrot over his head. Christie was mesmerized and fell into the abyss. Too bad for Christie because Trump picked Pence. Oh well.

mmmmmm i *love* eating burgers made out of donald trump's bowel movements!  - Chris Christie | Meme Generator
Good thing, because it only gets worse.
Funniest Chris Christie Face Memes from Super Tuesday
Despite realizing that Trump is an absolute madman (alleged), Christie has kept supporting Trump day after day and lie after lie. It was almost the death of Christie when Trump breathed Covid-19 all over him.
128) Chris Christie says "no one was wearing masks" during Trump's debate  prep
When Christie helped Trump prepare for the debate, he didn’t anticipate that he would be spending some time in the hospital for his trouble.

“I believed that when I entered the White House grounds, that I had entered a safe zone, due to the testing that and I and many others underwent every day,” Christie said. “I was wrong.”

Global News

After spending 7 days in the ICU, Chris Christie is now advocating for masks and warning people they want to avoid catching Covid-19. It was like he was born again and was looking for redemption. Will we give Christie any redemption? Trump never forgives.

Mike Pence:

Few people are as much as a Trump Sycophant as Mike Pence. Many people are saying that Melania advised Trump to pick Pence for VP simply because she believed that Pence would be satisfied with a subordinate role. Well, Melania sure called that right. During the impeachment debacle, Pence could have simply reached out and grabbed the reins of power for himself, but he failed to do so. Instead, Pence cowered in some corner hoping that no one would notice him.

Find someone who looks at you the way Pence looks at Trump - Imgflip
Pence knows that God has a plan, and right now that plan is to support Trump at any cost. ANY cost. ANY COST AT ALL.
Trump and Pence : PoliticalHumor

Martha McSally:

The only thing more demoralizing than being a Trump sycophant is being a Trump sycophant that is a woman. “Quick, quick, quick”, yells Trump at one of the few women who are willing to support him. Trump needs McSally, but he can’t seem to appreciate her efforts. Frankly, we don’t appreciate her, either, but that is not the point. Would Trump have spoken this way to a man?

These women. Trump believes they are always making men wait–probably.

Despite everything that McSally has done for him, Trump has turned cool toward her because she failed to be a SUPER sycophant during her debate with opponent Mark Kelly. Apparently, simply rubber stamping everything Trump says is not enough.

martha mcsally cartoon - Google Search in 2020 | Arizona daily star,  Cartoon, Cartoon memes

Poor Martha McSally has gone above and beyond the performances of Trump’s male sycophants, but she still does not get the credit she truly deserves. It takes a lot for a veteran to sit back and say nothing when the Commander in Chief refers to her brothers and sisters in arms as suckers and losers. Imagine how difficult that it was for McSally to continue to support Trump after the whole world learned that Russia pays bounties for every American soldier killed. That is TRULY dedication to serving Trump.

Trump and the Russian bounties - Imgflip
Wow, McSally! You really know how to obey your chain of command!

So there you have it. Trump’s best sycophants are little more than frenemies. We can almost feel sad for them, that despite all their hard work and scheming, Trump will lose his bid for re-election. Then they will have lost everything. Their wannabe dictator, their self-respect, and possibly even their jobs. Hopefully it was worth it.

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