Tucker Carlson is a clown

Tucker Carlson is a clown

Only a clown would expect people to believe that the Hunter Biden documents were stolen while in the mail. What is his angle? Is it that the mail can’t be trusted? Is it that Tucker made this story up from the beginning and now he has to quickly explain why he has no evidence? Did some fake whistleblowers trick Tucker into thinking they had the receipts when they didn’t? Whatever the case, Tucker Carlson is a clown.


Just like Clinton’s emails in 2016, Tucker’s October Surprise is a non-story. Wikipedia has the run down on Hilary Clinton’s emails incase you need a refresher. The kicker is that no matter what conclusion you came to about the emails, the fact is that the Trump Administration has continued to use private email servers. LOL, what? Yeah.

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The Republican Senators believe the destruction of America was mere collateral damage to their sinister agenda to pack the SCOTUS with Trump sycophants–probably.

Of course, Ivanka Trump claims that her private email server is nothing at all like Hilary Clinton’s private email server. Sadly, we expected Ivanka to explain that it is not the same because she is a mere unpaid advisor to her father while Clinton was Secretary of State and required a much higher security clearance–or something–but no. Ivanka is not that smart. She merely claims her situation is different because she has archived everything. Hint: Clinton did that too. That is why there is proof that a private server existed at all!

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America after another 4 years of Trump.

Now, Tucker’s stupid attempts to convince people that some phantom Hunter Biden papers were stolen is simply a doomed attempt at a Hail Mary pass. Only an absolute fool would believe that the damning evidence against Biden was merely tossed into an envelope and then mailed to Tucker Carlson.

Sources claim that the stolen Biden documents were clearly marked–probably.

How would the thief even know what was in the envelope? Did the thief lie in wait for months or years to get a chance to steal something from Tucker Carlson’s mail? The questions are endless, but that is the point. Tucker Carlson WANTS everyone to believe that really important evidence against Biden was stolen. Now that the only copies of these alleged documents are ‘missing’, Tucker Carlson doesn’t have to back up any of his claims.

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After this latest stunt by Tucker Carlson, any voter who believes that there is any truth to this alleged Hunter Biden scandal is pretty dumb. If there WAS evidence, they would not have to come up with stupid excuses about why they can’t show it to us.

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Yeah, those MAGA people sure showed us!

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