Kanye West: leader of the Free World?

Kanye West: leader of the Free World?

No, Kanye West is not ‘called’ to be the leader of the free world. The situation is not funny. It is cruel to watch a man who is clearly suffering from mental illness be manipulated in this way. Poor Kanye should be receiving medical care, not put on display as a sideshow for the circus that Election 2020 has become.

Kanye is not feeling well and someone should be helping him.

In a three hour interview with Joe Rogan, Presidential Candidate Kanye West has revealed that he believes that he has been “called to be the leader of the Free World” . That is great that West has such a strong sense of self-esteem, but he s grasping at some rather embarrassing straws if he truly believes that he is qualified for the job.


Kanye West has many talents. He is a popular music super star, a successful fashion designer, and very likely, is an impassioned and charismatic preacher. Those are fantastic accomplishments that would satisfy many of the most ambitious people. Perhaps in different circumstances, Kanye West could transition into politics. The circumstances he is in now, however, are not appropriate.

In addition to believing that he has a calling to be leader of the Free World, Kanye made the claim that Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruce Lee, and Brandon Lee had been murdered. This is a sign that Kanye is not thinking clearly.

It has been well established that Kanye West lives with bi-polar disorder. That is not something that disqualifies him from public service in the least, and people who have bi-polar disorder very often lead rewarding lives full of professional and personal success. The fact is, however, that Kanye seems to be struggling and he has made no secret of his dislike for medications that might control his condition.

Click here to read information from the Mayo Clinic about bipolar disorder.

The decision to run for President appear to be related to mania. West’s behavior at campaign events have been mocked online, and the Trump Campaign seems to be taking advantage of Kanye’s difficulties. This is not some sort of joke. It is heartbreaking.

Kanye cries during an emotionally charged moment during a campaign event.

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No matter what one might think about Kanye’s political opinions, his sincerity is not in doubt. Kanye speaks truth as he understands it. Unfortunately, Kanye is vulnerable right now, is lacking sufficient support, and people are taking advantage of him.

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