Fake Melania is STILL Fabulous!–updated version

Fake Melania is STILL Fabulous!–updated version

Many people are saying there is a Fake Melania. As juicy as that idea is, it is probably not true. Still, we want to believe because Fake Melania is fabulous!. The only thing better than a Fake Melania is a Fake Trump, but that is just asking for too much from the Universe.


More and more pictures of Fake Melania kept surfacing right up until the inauguration of President Biden. Some conspiracy theorists are adamant that Real Melania didn’t even return from Mar a Lago after Christmas and Real Melania likely wishes that was true as she was never truly into this #FLOTUS gig in the first place. Frankly, we have never really been into Melania as FLOTUS. Except for Fake Melania. We will definitely buy Fake Melania’s book. Please let there be one.

Melania claims that she wore this terrible jacket as a message to the media. We don’t really care what the reason was. It was bad behavior unbecoming a First Lady.

They must have some sort of miracle spa at Mar a Lago as FORMER President Trump’s wife looks like a completely new person! Is it fillers? A nose job? A super dose of Botox? Face shape changing miracle sunglasses? Just tell us Melania’s secrets already!

US president Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington on December 31st. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP
Many people are saying that Former President Trump returned to Washington after Christmas with Fake Melania.
US President Donald Trump ignores shouted questions from reporters as he walks towards the White House from Marine One with first lady Melania Trump after returning from Mar-A-Lago. Credit: Reuters Photo
Seriously, now. Who is this woman?
Header media
#FakeMelania is a much nicer person than Real Melania–probably.

Out of the 3 or 4 different Fake Melanias that seem to exist, we believe that Trump brought the PDA compliant one back to the White House. Likely, Trump needed some comfort for his final days in office. Remember, Trump is not a good loser.

UPDATED?? Which Fake Melania is this? We know that few people that claim to be Melania are interested in letting Donald Trump anywhere near them. As soon as any public display of affection is shown, Fake Melania is believed to be in the vicinity. Or perhaps it is Real Melania with the PDAs and Fake Melania that won’t let him near her. Who knows!
If there is an actual Fake Melania, we will not be surprised as at least one Melania has difficulty writing her own speeches.

Even Trump has admitted that there is something fishy about this Fake Melania that keeps popping up beside him. He believes that the Fake News is photoshopping Fake Melania into pictures with him. That might be true, but it also seems like it would be a lot of work. There is no bottom to the bucket of ridiculous Trump stuff that the media can report on. There is no need to start making stuff up.

“The Fake News photoshopped pictures of Melania, then propelled conspiracy theories that it’s actually not her by my side in Alabama and other places,” Trump claimed Wednesday in a tweet. “They are only getting more deranged with time!”


Um what? THEY are getting more deranged? All of us are pretty sure that it is Trump who grew more deranged over time. This is why we had to resort to making memes about Fake Melania. Even cats are beginning to look convincing.

Tiene una doble la primera dama de Estados Unidos, Melania Trump? |  Noticias de El Salvador - elsalvador.com
One of these is Fake Melania. Not sure which one.

Let’s take a look at the ‘evidence’ on this Fake Melania stuff. While it is highly unlikely there is a Fake Melania wandering around, these pictures are pretty compelling. We will try to Be Best about this mystery. After all, it is not our fault that there are so many faces of Melania! It is almost as though Fake Melania pics are being seeded all over social media to distract us from something important. Whatever. We will take it.

OK OK we are not Be Best here, but there is definitely something going on with Melania’s nose.

Yep. Melania’s nose changes shape as often as FORMER President Trump says something stupid. That amounts to several times a day–probably. Could the nose shape be changed with makeup? Is it simply that every picture that we ever see of Melania is so photoshopped that no one actually knows what she really looks like?

This Trump Family Portrait Will Make You Ponder - VIX
Here is one of the earliest known pictures of Melania. Strangely, this Melania has no resemblance to the current FLOTUS.
Are any of these the Real Melania?
Melania Trump, Donald and Barron in Alabama
One of the very first sightings of Fake Melania. Note the guy behind Trump checking her out and wondering who she is. Does this look like Melania to you?
This is the photo that provoked Trump to Tweet that the Fake News were photoshopping a Fake Melania into pictures. Do you think this woman looks like Melania? Note that Real Melania does not normally like to hold hands.
What the Fake-Melania Conspiracy Says about Trumps' Marriage
Here is the same event from a slightly different view. Melania still does not look quite herself around the mouth and nose. Three photos of the same event and not a Real Melania anywhere to be seen!
Who is this woman? Do you know who this woman is?
Photos Of Melania Trump On Europe Trip Set Internet Abuzz With New 'Body  Double' Conspiracy Theories
This unknown woman is supposed to be Melania. We have never seen her before and Trump looks a little confused about her as well. Just the same, we are told this is Real Melania deplaning in Brussels. That is some fancy photoshop! Or is it?
US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump during an arrival ceremony at the White House in Washington
Is this Fake Melania? Or Real Melania? You decide.
US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump walk to Marine One from the White House
Fake Melania? or Real Melania? It seems like Real Melania, but then again she is smiling and looking happy. Something seems off.
Melania fans were not convinced by her polka dot blouse on the outing last week
Hmmm this does not look like Real Melania at all. Definitely Fake Melania. Maybe. What a chameleon the FLOTUS is!
Fake Melania vs Real Melania. Do you see a difference between the two?
A lot of people are saying that this Fake Melania looks a lot like Hope Hicks. What do you think? Does Fake Melania look like Hope Hicks? Has Real Melania been photoshopped to look like Hope Hicks? Who is behind this conspiracy theory? Is it HOPE HICKS??? Does Hope Hicks have an evil plan to replace Real Melania with–HERSELF?!
Perhaps it is possible to make anybody look like Melania. All is needed is the right hair and make-up–we suppose. Here, Fake Melania is visiting Puerto Rico with FORMER President Trump.

Marina Hyde of The Guardian suspected that Fake Melania was standing in for the real Melania as early as 2017. It was kind of simple to impersonate Melania when she just stands there silently.

Melania Trump absurd conspiracy theory about body double explained -  Business Insider
Now which one of these women is Real Melania? Isn’t it uncanny how these women are interchangeable? Only one of them is a secret service agent–we think. For absolute SURE, no more than one of them is KGB.
Melania Trump arrives at Joint Base Andrews on her way to Texas
Another view of Real Melania with her very capable secret service agent. Do you think they see the same hair colorist? Does this secret service person look like any of the Fake Melanias? I don’t really care, do you?

Click here for some funny Be Best memes.

It All Makes Sense Now Why the 'Fake Melania' Conspiracy Theories Won't  Die? ОО@@ the Search Terms 'Melania Trump Double' and Fake Melania Also  Spiked on Google Since the Theory Leiyinglo Memehumor
We will NEVER be able to unsee this. NEVER. Frankly, if Putin has been running Melania operatives for years, it would make sense to have several of them. Trump is a tiring asset.

So. Now that you have been presented with the pictorial evidence, what do you think? Is something sneaky going on? Is Real Melania in danger? How many Fake Melanias are there? Is this all part of a Deep State plot? Is it just Fake News? You decide!

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