Trump is exhausting

Trump is exhausting

Are you exhausted? You should be. Trump is exhausting. The past four years have been a whirlwind of exhaustion. Crisis after Tweet after manufactured crisis, the President of the United States of America has sucked the life out of everyone and everything in his path.

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A lot of us just can’t anymore.

Click here to read another exhausting lie about how many Americans earn over 400K per year. Hint: it is a lot fewer than 82%!

Remember back to January 2017. Yes, that was a lifetime ago, but you can do it if you try. It all started with the size of that crowd. It was the first of thousands of instances where Trump and his Administration attempted to gaslight the world.

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Some of the memes were funny, but we all should have been conserving our energy for bigger things.

It only got worse after that. Many will recall how the the first two weeks of Trump’s Presidency lasted a decade:

Lies about inauguration crowd size.
Alternative facts are born when Kellyanne defends Trump’s lies.
Trump claims 3-5 million fraudulent votes were cast for Clinton.
Executive Order to block federal funding from NGOs that provide or even discuss abortion.
Federal hiring freeze except for military.
Trump expresses wish to withdraw from TPP.
Lawsuit filed claiming Trump is in violation of Emoluments Act.
Trump approves construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.
Executive Order to build the wall.
Executive Order to withhold funds from ‘sanctuary cities’.
Trump states he wants to bring back ‘waterboarding’.
Executive order blocking travel from 7 Muslim-majority nations.
Protests at airports due to travel ban.
Elevates Steve Bannon to Principals Committee of the National Security Council.
Trump has “tense call” with the Prime Minister of Australia.
Navy Seal and a lot of civilians are killed in Yemen.
Attorney General Sally Yates fired.
Judge Neil Gorsuch nominated to SCOTUS.
Promises to repeal the Johnson Amendment.
Federal Judge halts Trump’s travel ban.
Trump starts a Twitter tirade that is yet to end.

Tired? That was just the first 2 weeks. The whole world was exhausted, but those were the good old days when hardly anything ever happened. Since those first 2 weeks, the situation has only grown more exhausting.

Brett is no longer just a story about the Supreme Court. It's about the scary rule of testosterone. The terror.
Who could forget Kavanaugh screaming that he liked beer and that he didn’t sexually assault any of those women who say he did?

California is on fire and Trump is still droning on about how there would be no fires if the forest floor was properly raked. Even worse, throughout the last 3.5 years, Trump continues to insist that he knows more than the scientists about what has been causing such large and devastating forest fires in the Western United States. Trump is exhausting!

The real reason that Trump is going on about raking the forest floor and claiming that the weather is about to get a lot cooler is because he is making a point of denying climate change. Trump seems to understand that his stupid comments will drown out any actual media coverage of the fact that there is a million acre ‘gigafire’ burning in Northern California.

Trump demonstrates how to stop forest fires.

Oh and don’t forget the impeachment. Shudder…. Ok go ahead and try to forget it. You might as well. Those complicit Republican Senators don’t care what Trump does.

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We know. We see it every day.

The most exhausting moment of Trump’s Presidency, however, has been his willful negligence in pretending that Covid-19 does not exist. Wear masks, don’t wear masks. Shut down the economy, open the economy! Children are almost immune! Take this malaria drug! Blah, blah blah, lies, more blah right down to the day Trump hosts a special super spreader event to nominate the craziest person he can find to the SCOTUS , but manages to infect the White House, the Joint Chiefs, a bunch of senators, the press corp, the Gold Star families, and only God knows who else!

That is when the latest exhausting week of hell started. The week to end all weeks. Hopefully it will not be like the War to End all Wars. That was a lie.

What has happened lately?

Some weird suicide attempt (alleged) by Parscale.

The most divisive SCOTUS pick possible.

Trumps turns out to be several million dollars in debt and unable to pay his bills.

A Presidential debate that was an embarrassment before the world, and where Trump told the Proud boys to “stand down and stand by”.

Trump continues to claim that mail-in votes are fraudulent and the election is rigged, so no, he won’t accept the results of the election if he loses.

Trump is hospitalized for Covid-19 and then performs a convincing impression of Mussolini.

Trump pressures vaccine developers to speed things up.

Mass employment is increasing.

Trump proclaims that Covid-19 is nothing to worry about–no need to let it dominate your life.


Again, Trump is exhausting. President Biden will be a relief.

Ahhh the tranquility and experienced Statesmanship that awaits us. Calling Joe sleepy just makes him a more attractive choice.
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