Trump finally finds something he is good at: spreading Covid-19

Trump finally finds something he is good at: spreading Covid-19

These people were in contact with Trump. Now they have Covid-19. Coincidence? Okay, okay, there is no proof that Trump GAVE them Covid-19, and it could be that one of them managed to give the virus to Trump. Who knows, but let’s blame Trump anyway.

The man of the hour, of every hour, of every day for the last 5 years. So exhausting! This nutbar wanted to really experience the effects of Covid-19.
It is not really his fault that Trump breathed Covid-19 all over him, but now ALL the Joint Chiefs of Staff are in quarantine!
No one really knows who she is, but she helps Trump with ‘military stuff’. She is probably a very nice person, except for the Covid-19.
Leave it to Trump’s Press Secretary to willingly breathe out lies and Covid-19.
First Trump coughed at him and then Kayleigh McEnany breathed all over that binder of lies this guy has to keep organized for her.
It was the career break of a lifetime until Trump coughed on her. In fairness, it might of been Kayleigh McEnany that breathed lies at this poor woman.
This young man faithfully took orders from Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and all he got for it was Covid-19.
No one really knows what “close advisor” Hope Hicks actually does, but now she is doing it while infected with Covid-19.
Melania Trump does everything she can to avoid being in Trump’s presence, and yet, she still managed to catch Covid-19! I don’t really care. Do you?
She admits that she spent a lot of time with Trump. Is Covid-19 her reward for rubber-stamping his nomination?
3 Republican Senators that refused to remove Trump. Now they have Covid-19 after spending time in the Oval office.
Bill Stepian looks like he can actually see the Covid-19 spraying out of Trump’s mouth.
Trump double crossed him, but poor Chris Christie remains loyal. The last we heard was that Christie checked himself into the hospital as a precaution and no one has heard from him since.
Many people are saying that Kellyanne Conway exponentially aged during the 2016 campaign. Lying and being a fascist tend to do that to a person. Now she has Covid-19, and that can’t be good for the complexion.
The entire world is watching the Conway family melt down in real time. Apparently, Kellyanne forced her daughter to retract certain online statements about how Claudia managed to get infected with Covid-19. It seems like the two of them are forced to quarantine together in the same room.
Father Jenkins was so happy to attend the Rose Garden ceremony for SCOTUS nominee Judge Barrett. Not even Jesus could save him from Trump’s Covid-19 breath.
Luna is always lurking around on standby to hand Trump a sharpie or a snack. Seriously, that is a Body Man’s job.
Why it is a secret is anyone’s guess. All we know is this valet is in the U.S. Navy and he folds Trump’s compression socks.
Miller’s Granny already died from Covid-19, and his wife already had it. It seemed that Miller might have been immune–then Trump breathed on him and it was game over.

These are just the names we know so far. As each day passes, it is likely more people will test positive. It must be a nightmare to work anywhere near the White House.

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