Where is Pence?

Where is Pence?

Shouldn’t Vice President Pence make an appearance? Wave from his window or something? Assure Americans that he continues to breathe Covid-19 free air? Seriously, where is Pence?


We have been told that Pence tested negative for Covid-19 on both Saturday morning and then Sunday. Pence worked from home over the weekend, but now that it is Monday he plans to hit the campaign trail again.

CDC guidelines demand that Pence should quarantine for 14 days since he has been in close contact with so many people that have tested positive. Except, Pence has no plans to quarantine.

“Under the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control [and Prevention] (CDC), the Vice President is not considered a close contact with any individuals who have tested positive for COVID, including President Donald J. Trump. Vice President does not need to quarantine.. Vice President Mike Pence remains in good health and is free to go about his normal activities.”

Dr. Jesse Schonau, physician to the vice president

Why Pence has yet to test positive is a mystery as he was present at the super-spreader Rose Garden event where many members of the Trump Administration are believed to have contracted Covid-19.


It wasn’t just the Rose Garden where Pence may have picked up Covid-19, either. Pence has been aggressively campaigning for the November election. Last Tuesday Pence spoke at a debate watch party in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, then on Wednesday he met supporters at a fundraiser in Atlanta, and then spoke to more supporters at a Faith and Freedom Coalition Policy Conference. On Thursday, Pence was in Iowa for another two campaign events.

This week has Pence travelling to Salt Lake City to debate Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris. Then on Thursday, Pence is expected to appear at a MAGA Rally in in Arizona. The venue is able to hold 78,000 people.

There has been no word about what will happen if Pence tests positive.

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