Trump went on a ‘proof of life’ joyride

Trump went on a ‘proof of life’ joyride

Trump is still spreading Covid-19 from the hospital. Is he not expected to quarantine? Does no one get worried when he claims he is going outside to greet his supporters? Was there no one to stand in the way of a ‘proof of life’ joyride? Has everyone in the Trump Administration gone insane? like as in EXTRA insane. More than the usual insanity? Will the nightmare ever end?

Trump says that he has really learned about Covid-19. Has he? Has he really?

Not only has Trump claimed that he is meeting soldiers inside the Walter Reed Medical Center, but he went for a joyride. We all know that this stunt is merely to provide proof of life, but was it really necessary? Did all these secret service people and support staff really need to be exposed to Covid-19? Will anybody die as a result of contracting Covid-19 after exposure to Trump? All because Trump wanted to:

“pay a little surprise to some of the great patriots we have out on the street. They’ve been out there a long time, they have Trump flags and they love our country.”

CBS News
Trump went on a ‘proof of life’ joyride. Now all of these people and their families have now been exposed to Covid-19

Trump claims that he finally “get’s it” about Covid-19, but has he? Not everyone is pleased by Trump’s actions. A Physician that works at Walter Reed Medical Centre has Tweeted out his displeasure and concern that Trump has acted so recklessly.

By any standard, Trump’s joyride is a callous disregard for the people around him. Lives are at risk for no reason other than to prop up a failing politician.

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