Trump can’t debate the issues

Trump can’t debate the issues

Trump is un-debatable. Is that even a word? In the world of insanity that is Trump, it doesn’t even matter if a word is a word anymore. It doesn’t even matter if a lie is a lie. Who cares who endorses what policy? Who cares what the truth is? All that matters, apparently, is which Presidential candidate can yell the loudest. Trump can’t debate the issues. So he lies and yells instead.


During the debate, Trump did nothing but yell insults and tell obvious lies. Every listener with half a brain understood that Trump has nothing to offer in the way of debate. Biden couldn’t get a word in edgewise, and he too had to resort to name-calling and over-talking. American Democracy is on life support, and the whole world knows it. The horror is that the nightmare is threatening not to end.

The whole world watched this embarrassment of a debate.

The most accurate and authentic Tweet of the night came from George Conway, the husband of the ill-famed former Counselor to the President and anti-American super villain: Kellyanne Conway.

We all have a hunch that Kellyanne’s husband knows all too well–probably.

Poor George Conway. He must negotiate his domestic bliss with a silver-tongued wife that used her talents to create the monster that is President Trump. Oh yes, while Trump comes by his gas-lighting debate tactics naturally, it is Kellyanne Conway that has honed his skill. That is, if you can call screeching and throwing poop a skill.

Kelly Anne Conway if Paid Enough Would Say Motor Oil Tastes Like Chocolate  Sauce | Conway Meme on ME.ME
Trump’s muse and the only reason he managed to be elected in the first place is due to Kellyanne ‘Silver-tongue’ Conway.

For the last half decade–yes it has been that long–we have witnessed Kellyanne Conway go on countless TV interviews where she has normalized the screech and throw poop debate tactic. Broadcasters actually debated whether they should continue to invite her onto their programs because she did nothing but yell, overtalk the host, change the subject, and outright lie.

Kellyanne Memes
Kellyanne Conway does not endorse democratic debate.

Thanks to Kellyanne, Americans are now conditioned to accept ‘alternative facts’ rather than reality, gas lighting instead of reasoned debate, and distraction instead of the explanation of policy choices.

Who can blame the voters for being confused when they cannot even figure out what the election issues are? Does Biden want to defund the police? Does Trump want to allow insurance companies to reject coverage for pre-existing conditions? Who knows! All anyone hears is loud over-talking and personal insults.

This is literally what happened. Chris Wallace (not pictured) is under the dash wishing the nightmare would end.

In the end, however, Trump resorted to the ‘Kellyanne technique’ in debate style because he has nothing to offer. It seems that even Trump is aware that he cannot out-debate Biden if they were to actually discuss the issues. Trump can’t debate the issues.


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