Unsurprisingly, Q is a nasty guy

Unsurprisingly, Q is a nasty guy

Has Q truly been revealed? Media is currently reporting that the source of the Qanon conspiracy theory is a weirdo running a pig farm in the Philippines. or rather, he WAS running a pig farm in the Philippines. Apparently, the Deep State fear-monger has been named an ‘undesirable alien’ that is a ‘risk to the public interest’. This is not very surprising during a year when all things have stopped being surprising.


The insidious spread of the Qanon conspiracy is quite the bother, considering that 22 Republican and 2 Independent congressional candidates have been promoting ideas associated with Qanon. In addition, President Trump, his staffers, and his children have been speaking favorably about Qanon ideas and followers.

Communist China level censorship from Twitter against QAnon, but nothing against ANTIFA and BLM? |  How to bury information about Elites/Celebrities Pedophilia after Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest. PARADOX3713; Step 1: Have Twitter ban all QAnon pages and discussion. Step 2: Have Google, YouTube, and Facebook censor topic or shadowban via AI algorithms. | image tagged in memes,qanon,twitter,censorship,pedophilia,politics | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Do you think it is fishy that Trump and his cronies like this Q guy so much?

That is ALMOST surprising, but not quite. Surprising would be if any Democratic candidates were spewing Qanon crap. It is only mid September, so perhaps there is still time…?? If that happens, we might as well pack it all in and drop off the keys for China, Iran, or the aliens. That is if someone is actually willing to pick up the mess we have left behind.

Fredrick Brennan and Jim Watkins, 8chan
Frederick Brennan and Jim Watkins are now enemies.

The Qanon weirdos in question are thought to be James Arthur Watkins, and his son, Ronald Watkins. It is all very confusing, but it turns out that this duo is the publisher for all the Q drops, which are the cryptic messages that Qanon followers waste all their time trying to decipher.

Even more interesting, is that James Watkins and his son own 8Chan , QMap and 8Kun (all offline as of this writing)–the original source of the Q drops and all things Qanon. Still unsurprising, these Qanon websites were all hosted by the same content delivery network that has just one additional client: the Daily Stormer, which is a neo-Nazi website.

“If he’s not ‘Q’ himself, he can find out who ‘Q’ is at any time,” said Fredrick Brennan, the creator of 8chan and Watkins’ former business partner.

“And he’s pretty much the only person in the world that can have private contact with ‘Q.’ He’s the only person that — through the board that ‘Q’ started on 8chan – can send ‘Q’ a direct message and get into private contact with basically the leader of this political cult that everybody wants to hear from right now.”

Frederick Brennan

Q probably is not an actual person. He is likely just a character developed that is meant to give some personality and to give an air of legitimacy to the bizarre Qanon conspiracy theories. Qanon followers seem easily duped by the story of a supposed government whistleblower willing to risk everything to tell the real truth…that a bunch of Democrat politicians and celebrities are sexually abusing and cannibalizing children.

Yeah, that is the whole conspiracy in a nutshell. It is really all you need to know about it, other than they believe that ONLY Trump can save the day.

 THESE PEOPLE; ARE STUPID | image tagged in qanon | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
We only wish that this was Q.

As for Watkins? He was called to testify before Congress and he showed up with a Q pin on his lapel. He also sells Q merchandise and sings hymns on Youtube. Watkins also has registered a Qanon super PAC in the State of Missouri named Disarm the Deep State. Yeah. Q is earning an income off this nonsense.

James Watkins, purveyor of all things Q.

Click here to read more about the history of 8Chan and Frederick Brennan.

Still not surprising, yet incredibly ironic, James Watkins got his start offering off-shore hosting for Japanese pornography websites. That is right. The guy who has convinced millions that Democrats are doing terrible things to children has made a living off helping pornographers get around the law.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. He is just a simple charlatan.

Trump Great and Powerful Oz  - pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
Trump is likely to claim that he has never met Jim Watkins, but is impressed with how much Jim likes him.

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