Social media needs more Biden and you can help

Social media needs more Biden and you can help

You know that attention seeking narcissistic relative that makes a big scene at every family event? That’s is Trump. It is time to start ignoring Trump and start focusing on other people–unless, of course, you want to see Trump be re-elected. If you are a decent person and want the Liar in Chief out of office, then it is time to start paying more attention to Joe Biden.

best joe biden memes
Joe Biden is a funny guy. There are plenty of memes and other types of shareable social media that will both entertain and encourage voters to see Biden in a positive light.

The headlines are dominated with Trump saying something ridiculous about Biden. This Trump Campaign strategy is effective because all we see from every news or commentary outlet is either criticism of Biden or coverage of some outlandish thing that Trump did. Unfortunately, Biden and his message are being drowned out. This needs to change. The voter needs to see positive images of Biden and they need to see these images as often as possible.

Joe Biden quote
This positive Biden meme is the type that will have appeal to swing voters, independents, and conservatives that are feeling wary of voting Democrat.

Any person who hopes for a better future for America can participate in increasing positive awareness about Biden. It is time to drown out Trump’s negative campaign style. Even if you have just a few followers on Twitter and only a few Facebook friends, you have the ability to spread pro-Biden memes.

Acknowledge that conservatives have fears about ‘big government’. Show them that Biden also understands that.

Despite what the pundits claim, Joe Biden is not a communist. He will not bring ‘socialism’ to America. Joe Biden is a free-market liberal. That means he likes capitalism, and he likes individual freedoms. If Joe Biden is elected, he will work to end all of Trump’s trade wars and get America back to business.

Click here to read about why Trump’s economic policy is hurting America

Beat conservatives at their own game. They fear totalitarianism, so show them Trump’s over-reach.
Biden is willing to work with Republicans to get things done. A meme like this can give voters hope that Americans can work together for the greater good of all citizens.
By sharing memes like this, you are helping Republicans feel secure in their decision to reject Trump. Conservatives want to be sure that other conservatives feel the same way and that voting for Biden is a good idea.
Spread memes that criticize Trump, but that also highlight how Biden is different. Funny memes get a lot of traction, so do not be afraid to use them.
r/JoeBiden - I really like this Bernie Sanders quote.
Don’t forget the Bernie Bros. Bernie has endorsed Biden. Keep that message out there.

Bernie Sanders wants everyone to vote for Joe Biden. Not only are Joe and Bernie showing that they can work together, but they are each committed to upholding American values. The Bernie Bros are feeling bad that their candidate did not get the Democratic nomination, but Bernie still wants them to throw their support behind Biden. That message needs to remain visible.

Bernie informs Biden that he is endorsing him for President in the 2020 Election.

Religious faith is important to many Americans and there have been various attacks on Biden and his supposed lack of faith. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sharing memes about Biden and his faith will reassure voters that Biden has no plans to “hurt God” no matter what Trump has claimed. Even if you don’t care about religion, there are a lot of Americans who do.

Biden: a man of faith.
The Trump Campaign cropped this picture and claimed Biden was sleeping. The truth is that he was participating in prayer with religious leaders. Share this picture widely.

Help the cause. Share as many pro-Biden memes that you can. Share video that shows Biden speaking intelligently on important matters. Share pics of Biden doing sporty things. Change the narrative from ‘Sleepy Joe in his basement’ to ‘Joe Biden is a great choice for President’.


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