Cohen claims Trump Campaign was too incompetent to conspire with Russia

Cohen claims Trump Campaign was too incompetent to conspire with Russia

Cohen is either telling the truth, or he is lying to cover his own butt. Either way, it is not hard to believe that Trump and his campaign were too incompetent to EFFECTIVELY collude with Russia during the 2016 election. Like, we were there. We saw Trump look disapprovingly at Hilary’s posterior, claim he didn’t care for what he saw, and then requested that Russia find her emails. It was clear we were never dealing with an intellectual giant. Yep, Trump is just too dumb to get past the rank of ‘useful idiot’.


Trump bumbled his way through an election that even he thought he would lose. Still, that doesn’t mean that Trump didn’t TRY to collude, or that Russia did not take advantage of Trump’s adoration of all things Putin. No matter what, Russia was definitely seeking American assets, and Trump and his extended entourage are low-hanging fruit. The Trump Campaign was HAPPY to collude.

Imagine a gaggle of self-important know-nothings attempting to run a Presidential Campaign. That was the 2016 Trump Campaign in a nutshell and it defies all reason that they won. It seemed self-evident that they were TRYING to lose, with all that talk of grabbing women by the pussy, proposing Mexico would agree to fund a border wall, bragging about how functional his penis is, calling for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S., deporting an estimated 11.3 million ‘undocumented’ immigrants, disbanding NATO, and bringing back torture because “torture works”. These are not winning campaign strategies, but for some reason, this time they were.


It is likely that Trump made a lot of statements and promises that he did not expect to have to deliver. For Trump, running for President seemed to be a get rich quick scheme that would open doors and new sources of revenue for his personal business interests, so it didn’t really matter what he promised. October 2016 was all abuzz with talk of Trump’s soon to be launched news channel. What a letdown it must have been for Trump to actually have to be President for at least 4 years.

Trump’s former ‘fixer’, disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen is now corroborating this version of events, claiming the gaggle of know-nothings were just too incompetent to scheme at such a high level. Instead, claims Cohen, Trump was merely trying to keep in Putin’s good books so that he would have access to Russian funding.

This all sounds like a conspiracy theory, and frankly, it would be great if it was, but even the Republican led Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has concluded that Russia used Paul Manafort and Wikileaks to influence the 2016 election.

Pax on both houses: Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Had  Multimillion-Dollar Contract With Russian Oligarch
What happened to ‘Drain the Swamp’?

Paul Manafort was Trump’s campaign chief, but he is now sitting in a prison cell after pleading guilty to two conspiracy charges related to Trump’s campaign. Actually, scratch that. Manafort is serving his sentence from home due to the dangers of Covid-19.

Paul Manafort - Evil Genius - Paul Manafort Putin America First
For some reason, treason is only worth 43 months of home detention.

What is amazing is that, despite all the evidence that Russia is up to something, not enough people care. That is bad. It is bad for democracy, bad for America, bad for the world. It is bad for Russia too, because it just gives Putin more power. Yet, the same social media disinformation campaign that assisted with electing Trump is now at work to debunk interference and elect Trump again.

Hostile regimes such as Russia successfully injected themselves into the 2016 election—without asking permission—coaxing armed white supremacists onto the street, stealing internal emails and planting fake news stories, and creating some of the most popular social media feeds during the election. And Russia is almost certainly gaming out how to reprise its efforts in 2020. The difference now is that the interference, after decades, has been sanctioned by the president himself.


There is no doubt that collusion with Russia happened. The only thing up in the air is determining how much of a pawn Trump allowed himself to be. Remember that keeping Trump in power has increasingly relied on bizarre conspiracy theories that Trump says insane things because he is sending coded messages to Qanon followers.


The report found President Vladimir Putin personally directed the Russian efforts to hack computer networks and accounts affiliated with the Democratic Party and leak information damaging to Clinton.

“It’s all a hoax,” Trump told reporters.


It is all a hoax? If only.


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