The Harry and Meghan hate is racist classism

The Harry and Meghan hate is racist classism

The Harry and Meghan hate is racist classism. The people engaging and promoting all this Meghan hate are like those people who live on welfare benefits, but are calling for tax cuts for the rich. Seriously. Know what your interests are. Hint: your interests are not aligned with ensuring the racial purity of royalty.

So then, 007... About this Meghan problem... - bond queen | Meme Generator
Really? What, exactly, is the problem supposed to be? This disgusting meme is meant to cause Meghan to fear for her life. The message is that Meghan’s life is in danger because she is too ‘low born’ to be a member of the British Royal family.

Yes, the Meghan Markle hate is racist because OMG have you read the comments under these thinly veiled bigoted articles about Meghan and her lack of beauty/poise/class? Remember when they called Michelle Obama an “ape in heels’? This is the same thing. The EXACT same thing. People comment with pictures of ‘golliwog’ dolls. They talk about the ghetto, They suggest Meghan is a criminal and her association with Prince Harry has brought him down to the level of the working class.

Click here to read about how that awful woman who used social media to call Michelle Obama an ‘Ape in Heels’ got her job back.

A screengrab of a Facebook post purportedly from county employee Pamela Taylor.
This terrible Tweet kicked off the Trump Administration.

Classist? People have complained that Meghan is too ‘low’ in the social order to be a match for a Prince. Her ‘common’ American roots are below the standard for Royal wives. She is an actress. She doesn’t have ‘the look’. She doesn’t know Royal protocol. Just shut up. Seriously, just shut up.

Worlds apart: Though Harry and Markle are enjoying a whirlwind romance, they are from very different worlds. Markle grew up in an area that was home to the Bloods gang

The Daily Mail

All the people living in a broken down travel trailer that are complaining that Meghan is ‘not royal enough’ are fighting against their own interests. Hint: caste systems are bad. They are a relic of the past when things were even worse than they are now. The American Revolution was, in part, about fighting the British caste system.

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Americans threw off the shackles of the British Empire, but then they created their own class system.

That’s right. One form of oppression was traded for another when American elites decided they were more special than the working people. Those revolutionary Americans became just like the British Aristocracy.

The Canadian Class System - Imgur lower class are more beefed up than upper  class | Canada funny, Canada memes, Meanwhile in canada
See the guy with the snow blower? Not only did you buy him that snowblower, but he won’t let you have one of your own? Why is he so special?

The people that buy into all this elitist classism nonsense are working against their own interests and the elites love that. They encourage it. They have somehow convinced a huge portion of the working class that the rich elites need tax breaks, that poor people should just get a better job if they don’t earn a living wage, and that the poor should just take better care of their health if they can’t afford healthcare.

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Maybe they should be royalty? I bet they would like that. More importantly, do any of them need a tax cut?

Wealthy elites that are focused on ‘bloodlines’ and class differences are loving how easy it is to convince the lower classes to accept oppression. Do you remember when Princess Michael of Kent showed up to an event to meet Meghan Markle for the very first time? Do you remember what she wore?

Princess Michael of Kent wears 'racist' Blackamoor brooch | Daily Mail  Online
Notice how the Daily Mail darkened Meghan’s skin. Blackamoor figures depict Africans in the role of servants or slaves to wealthy Europeans.

After a lengthy debate in the press, Princess Michael chose to apologize. The damage was already done, however. People all over the world had already spent considerable time arguing whether Meghan had been insulted. It was around this time that Meghan started getting threats to her life. Many of the incidences are kept classified for security reasons, but one event that hit the news was when Meghan was mailed a letter filled with white powder and a racist note.

Honestly, though. If you were invited to meet a black person for the first time, would you wear a Blackamoor brooch? What Princess Michael did here was assert white supremacy. She was drawing a line in the sand. She was stating to a room filled with aristocrats that some people are servants, and others are meant to be served.

Click here to read about another black American woman who married into British Aristocracy.

Some commentators have posited that racism is driving the couple from the U.K. But racism is laying people low all across North America too. What I found more distinct in the U.K. was the collective acquiescence—physical and psychological—to dominance by birthright.

K.A. Dilday on how race and class have effected Meghan and Harry

So, decide. Of you are one of those people who get excited about Harry and Meghan’s misfortunes–you just might be part of the problem. Just let them be the people they are trying to be. Just Harry and just Meghan.


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