Trump unveils new Covid-19 treatment that has the potential to deplete the world supply.

Trump unveils new Covid-19 treatment that has the potential to deplete the world supply.

Remember all those appeals to Covid-19 survivors to donate their plasma to science? Well, they have turned your plasma into a therapeutic for Covid-19. Yes, Trump is working hard to get you the untested blood plasma cure that the ‘Deep State’ has been keeping from you. It is just another day in Trump’s conspiracy theory laden world–hopefully, no one will die.


Blood plasma is used to treat many illnesses. Most of us are old enough to remember that before the Emergency Use Authorization for hydroxychloroquine was reversed, it created shortages of the drug for people who needed it for other ailments. Blood plasma is in the same situation. Many people with rare diseases and chronic conditions depend on blood plasma.

Blood plasma must be donated from healthy individuals. It cannot be manufactured. There is a finite supply.


Blood plasma as a treatment for Covid-19 hasn’t been tested fully, but Trump doesn’t want to wait any longer. The claim is that Trump has pressured the FDA into approving the plasma treatment with an emergency use authorization. That doesn’t mean the treatment has been approved–it simply means that your doctor can use it if he or she believes it is warranted. Kind of like a ‘use at your own risk’, last ditch effort at saving your life kind of thing.

An emergency use authorization is not the same as a full approval in FDA parlance. The agency issues EUAs when it “is reasonable to believe that the product may be effective” and “the known and potential benefits outweigh the known and potential risks.” 

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That’s right, slicing through safety regulations and other red tape is what Trump does best. Again, hopefully no one dies.

Importantly, the data on the plasma treatments are not that good:

The death rate after seven days was 8.7% in patients treated early and 11.9% in those not treated until later. But that study, while large, did not include a placebo group, making it difficult to interpret the data. And it hasn’t been peer-reviewed by other scientists and published in a medical journal.


How did Trump manage to light a fire under the FDA? He claimed the FDA was just another arm of the ‘Deep State’ that is working toward suppressing Trump’s re-election chances. That’s right. Trump believes that the FDA is being slow to approve therapeutics and cures as a personal attack on him.


Yep. Finding a safe treatment for Covid-19 is all about Trump. It has nothing to do with the 175,000 Americans that have already died, or even influenced by the horror that over 5 million Americans have tested positive for the virus. Does Trump believe that all these sick and dead people are cooperating to make him lose the election? Probably.

The FDA hit Trump back, stating that:

“I firmly reject the idea they would slow-walk anything or accelerate anything based on any political consideration or any consideration other than what is best for the public health and a real sense of mission to patients,”

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb

If anything, it has been the Trump Administration that has been causing all the trouble by making absurd promises to the public and then pressuring health officials to expedite treatments and vaccines:

A top FDA official who is overseeing COVID vaccine trials had vowed to resign if the Trump administration approves a vaccine before it is shown to be safe and effective. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, made his promise during a conference call earlier in the month with pharmaceutical executives, government officials and others,


How much will this unproven treatment cost Americans? How much antibody plasma will be needed? Is there a stock tip in all this? Probably…


Here is some trivia for you. The US already supplies 70% or more of the world’s plasma supply. This is because Big Pharma pays volunteers to bleed for them. What will happen if the global plasma supply is diverted into a Covid-19 therapeutic? What about all the people who need plasma for proven treatments for other illnesses?

This plasma stuff is about to become quite dear.


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