Kanye’s Presidential bid is failing.

Kanye’s Presidential bid is failing.

Kanye will not be on the ballot in Wisconsin. Amazingly, the lawyer working for Kanye West’s campaign failed to get his documents to the electoral board on time. Apparently, she showed up just a few minutes after the deadline had elapsed. Now, the Wisconsin electoral board has voted 5 to 1 to deny Kanye a spot on the ballot–for being late.


Well, a deadline is a deadline. So, it is not unreasonable that missing the deadline means that Kanye is out of luck, but seriously, why is everything related to Trump such a shitshow?

Yes, related to Trump. Even Kanye has admitted that his campaign is meant to ‘hurt Biden’. In fact, the people that are helping Kanye to get on the ballot are not grassroots Kanye supporters. Instead, they are GOP operatives that are connected to the Trump campaign.

Many people are arguing that Kanye’s Presidential bid is actually a form of vote suppression by the Trump campaign. The plan is to ‘siphon off’ votes from Biden, which would give Trump an edge by splitting the anti-Trump vote. For that reason, losing the chance to be on the Wisconsin ballot is a big upset as Trump won the state by a narrow margin in 2016.


So, as evil and cunning as this Kanye for President vote suppression plan is, why are the GOP “Kanye helpers” having such a hard time of it? Kanye has tried to get on the ballot of several states, but so far has only managed to get on the ballot of Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont. He has failed in five states, including Illinois, Montana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

In Trump style incompetent blundering, Kanye has missed the deadline for ballot access in 25 states. That’s to be expected when the same people that are running the Trump show are moonlighting as Kanye West supporters.

Why Kanye does not have his own people to run his campaign is puzzling, considering that relying on the GOP to help him is revealing the lack of authenticity of the Vision2020 campaign. Amazingly, Kanye does not even own the Vision 2020 slogan as it belongs to various charities and is the name of a Bella Shmurda song. Nor does there seem to be any reliable web presence about the campaign itself, other than the occasional social media posting. Kanye does have merch, however, and he has released a bizarre poster that inexplicably features Kirsten Dunst.

Yes, what is the message here? Is that Anna Wintour? Will she weigh in?

The real issue here is if there will be consequences for Kanye and his ill-run sham of a campaign. He has admitted that the campaign is meant to siphon off Biden votes, and his paper work filing has not been taken seriously, especially considering that he has been rejected for submitting fraudulent signatures. Worse, quite a few people have claimed they were tricked into signing Kanye’s ballot petition or agreeing to be an elector.

Ultimately, due to Kanye’s current mental health condition, he probably will not be held criminally responsible if he is charged for election fraud. That’s a good thing considering it seems so obvious that he is being taken advantage of by the Trump Campaign.

Gentle Jesus! Please, no.

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