These Bikers really love Trump.

These Bikers really love Trump.

Everyone knows that Bikers go where they want, they do what they want, they like who they like. They will crash your party. That is what happened the other night when ‘Bikers for Trump’ rolled up to the security perimeter of the DNC in Milwaukee.

They were just there to “keep an eye on things”.

Bikers for Trump make their presence known in Milwaukee.

Yes, to keep an eye on things. What does that mean, exactly? What were they worried about? Did they suspect there was going to be some trouble at the DNC? Why was their muscle required?

Remember when Bikers were all about rebelling against the Man and rejecting the system? Well, it turns out that some Bikers have found their Savior in Donald Trump. They even managed to organize a PAC. Isn’t it great when rebels sell out to authority?

Pro-Trump T-shirts Too Expensive to Make in U.S., So We Get Them ...
Trump poses with his Bikers for Trump buddies.

The PAC website claims all their pro-Trump merch is fully made in the USA, but it turns out that wasn’t quite true, or maybe just not true anymore. Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox has admitted that American made t-shirts cost about $8.00 more, so they have them manufactured in Haiti.

Donald Trump's motorcycle gang
Rebel hero.

What is good for the goose is not good for the gander, however, because Bikers for Trump actually have attempted to stage a boycott of Harley Davidson–with Trump’s help, of course. It seems they only care about stuff being made in America when it suits them.

Are all these boycotts good for the economy?

Trump Biker merch, no matter who makes it, sells like hot cakes. People just can’t seem to get enough of the hard core and misogynist messaging they offer.

Biker Life USA Trump's Bitch Fell Off T-Shirt
This terrible shirt is for sale everywhere.

Of course, Trump doesn’t actually ride a bike. Although he did get one for some reason. The tackiest, goldest, loudest, fanciest Bike ever made–probably.


Do you think he paid for it?


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