Ghislaine Maxwell is on suicide watch

Ghislaine Maxwell is on suicide watch

Jail, apparently, is not a very nice place, and Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t like it. Not only is she in isolation, but staff is watching her very closely. That sounds pretty uncomfortable for a socialite who is used to rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite.


Ghislaine Maxwell isn’t even in real prison. She has her own floor in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. It is there she awaits her trial, in isolation, wearing paper suicide prevention pajamas, in complete and total lack of luxury.

When we say lack of luxury, we really mean it. Last winter, during a cold snap, the facility lost electricity, heat, and hot water for several days.

The MDC Brooklyn detention center.
Ghislaine Maxwell’s new home.

It can’t be all bad for Ghislaine, however, as the Metropolitan Detention Center is routinely home for various celebrity criminals. For example, Martin Shkreli is currently serving his time there after being convicted of securities fraud.

In case memory fails, Martin Shkreli is the ‘Pharma Bro’ who initially became famous after he exponentially raised the price of certain medications, making them un-affordable.

A love match?

We bet Ghislaine would LOVE to meet Martin. He sounds like her type of guy. With his evil genius and her social connections, the two of them could conquer the world-probably.

Of course, the only way that Ghislaine and Martin could possibly get together is if a judge satisfies her request to be allowed into the facility’s general population. Maxwell’s lawyers are currently working on getting her out of isolation and off suicide watch.


Ghislaine claims that she has been subjected to multiple searches per day and that special prison guards are watching her every move.

Ms Maxwell is continuously watched on CCTV by “multiple prison guards, many of whom do not appear to be regular [Metropolitan Detention Center] personnel. These prison guards observe Ms Maxwell and take notes on her every activity”.

Ms Maxwell had until recently been woken up every few hours in the middle of the night and “forced to wear special clothing” – a reference to the garments worn by prisoners who are deemed a suicide risk.

The Independent

The thing is though, that people just want to keep Ghislaine Maxwell alive so that she makes it to trial. Perhaps, she can rely on the assistance of some of her famous friends. Like Alan Dershowitz. He is a big name, and a good friend to Ghislaine. Maybe he could help her out. After all, Dershowitz is said to have orchestrated that special non-prosecution agreement for Epstein. Surely, he has something up his sleeve for Ghislaine.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz and the Jeffrey Epstein Case
Can Alan help Ghislaine the way he helped Jeffrey?

Or why not go directly to the top. Ghislaine has been friends with Donald Trump for years. He, apparently, wishes her well. Maybe, Trump will pardon Ghislaine–being such old friends and all.

Ghislaine Maxwell Donald Trump
Alpha Male Trump stands at the ready to protect his dear friend Ghislaine Maxwell.

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