Bikers are almost immune from Covid-19

Bikers are almost immune from Covid-19

Of course the Sturgis Rally is going ahead. Biker culture has always been about rebellion against authority. Bikers won’t be oppressed by your middle class values and your willingness to sell out to the Man. They have been resisting the police for almost 100 years, so don’t even try and tell them that they can’t assemble anyplace they feel like. They don’t care if they are exposed to Covid-19. Bikers are almost immune from Covid-19


Every year, when a couple hundred thousand ‘motorcycle enthusiasts’ descend upon Sturgis, South Dakota, they won’t be denied. Don’t even try and tell them they can’t party when they want to party. They are going to party, especially if you tell them they can’t. In fact, some of them might try and catch Covid-19 on purpose, just because you don’t want them to. There is something menacing about being contagious, isn’t there?

Most of the people who attend are not actually a member of a motorcycle “gang” like you see in the movies. If you believe their propaganda, the claim is that only 1% of them are actual criminals–or ‘outlaws’. Still, more than a couple of people like to pretend that they are Marlon Brando. They want you to think they are badass and scary. Bikers have always worn their rebellion on their sleeves and they love seeing the fear and outrage expressed by ‘squares’. That fear and outrage people feel is the source of their power. Boo!

Sturgis, South Dakota sees rise in Covid-19 cases–click here

Does Brando look scared of Covid-19?

Marlon Brando The Wild One
Marlon Brando in The Wild One (1953).

Many Bikers will emulate the ruggedly handsome Brando who oozed the kind of toxic masculinity that good girls are unable to resist–apparently. Brando’s co-star Mary Murphy, in The Wild One, quickly succumbed to her desire to tame the emotionally broken rebel. This again, is a large part of the Biker mystique. Bad, untamed men that are irresistible to women. It is only the strongest of women that can capture these men, however. They are strong alpha women that are submissive only to alpha males with loud and powerful pipes between their legs.

Mary Murphy’s character Kathie Bleeker sure does like a bad boy.

Does Kathie look like she cares if Johnny has Covid-19? Absolutely not. Bikers are almost immune from Covid-19, anyway. Despite Johnny’s violent temperament, Kathie want’s to suck the coronavirus right out of him. Just watch how Kathie shows Johnny she isn’t afraid of him and that she wants a piece of that sweet, sweet freedom that he has to offer.

Watch Kathie seduce bad boy Johnny.

Yes, just what we always wanted. A no good ne’er do well to burst into our lives, rough up the cops, break some windows, and then spirit us away on the open road to who knows where.


Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. We can pretend it is happening, though. All we need is an old man with a Hog and a willingness to be objectified and we too can catch Covid-19!

OK maybe not.

Click here to get a look at Trump’s hog


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