Trump is using Kanye, but Kanye doesn’t care as long as they hurt Biden

Trump is using Kanye, but Kanye doesn’t care as long as they hurt Biden

Kanye West has admitted that his goal as a Presidential Candidate is to take votes away from Biden. Somehow, we expected that all along. Why Kanye? Why? His response was only “Jesus is King”.


Kanye doesn’t even seem to have his own campaign team, instead relying on people associated with the Trump campaign to assist him on getting onto state ballots. During his recent Forbes interview, Kanye confirmed that he knows that he has no chance at winning the election and that the plan is to split the Democratic vote.

More importantly, what does Trump mean when he answers that “Jesus is King”? It has a lot to do with Trump’s claim that Biden has an agenda to “hurt God” and “hurt the Bible”.

Trump claims that Biden will hurt the Bible, and people like Kanye are listening.

Trump might be paying lip-service to Evangelicals at the moment, but he has never been God’s cheerleader. Saying that Trump is the ONLY candidate to respect God is more than a stretch.


“Trump is the closest president we’ve had in years to allowing God to still be part of the conversation,”

Kanye to Forbes

What part of the conversation that Kanye believes God should be a part of remains fuzzy, especially since he claimed at his South Carolina campaign rally that “the law is not by God, anyway, so what is legality“.

On the off-chance we end up with a Kanye West theocracy where pregnant women each get a million dollars to raise a baby, laws are no longer valid because God didn’t make them, and Jesus is declared King of America, his followers should take note that Kanye is still working very closely with the Trump Administration.

According to Kanye, he is soon meeting with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to present his ideas about a new type of school. We are excited to hear what comes of that!

This Kanye for President campaign ad was approved by Donald Trump.

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