Trump can’t handle the stress of being President

Trump can’t handle the stress of being President

Trump is stressed. Not everyone can handle the demands of the Presidency, and Donald Trump has proven himself to be one of those people. His inability to deal with the stress of being President has affected Trump’s decision making and policy agenda. This is a major reason why he should resign.

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Being President is really hard and no one appreciates you.

It is too bad. Trump might have been an okay President if only he were not a malignant narcissist with a Hitler complex and delusions of grandeur. (Don’t worry, I am not a medical doctor or a psychologist so I can diagnose Trump all I want. It’s just my uneducated opinion).

The thing that MIGHT have been good about Trump was that he was a Washington outsider. Theoretically, an outsider would be able to make decisions that were not bound up with swamp tentacles protruding from K street. No such luck. Trump quickly sold out to anybody willing to pay him a compliment.

Also Putin. Trump is owned by Putin. We all know it.

Trump’s constant need for attention, his temper tantrums, his hair and makeup. These are all the marks of an incredibly insecure man who is unable to handle criticism. Even worse, he seems incapable to learning from his mistakes. That makes him dangerous.


Some say that being President of the United States is the hardest job in the world. That may or may not be true, but at the very least, it takes a level of personal fortitude that goes beyond the stamina of a whiny man toddler.

This is likely why Trump seems to be struggling with his health. Not only his mental health, but his physical health as well. Stress, especially negative stress, can make a person ill.

Some of the stuff that people ridicule Trump for is just plain stupid. He is fat. Who cares. He is old. Ditto. He needs assistance to walk down a ramp. Yeah, no kidding, he is nearing 75! These are not the things that make him a bad President.


Trump is a bad president because he is willfully uneducated, he refuses to take counsel from people who are wiser and more experienced than him (except for Putin), he makes decisions based on what is good for him rather than what is good for the nation, and he is a racist bigot with a Hitler complex. Did I mention that already?

Most important of all, Trump managed to burn it all down in 3 and 1/2 years. No wonder he is stressed.

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The sad clown that destroyed America.

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