Start wearing a mask and stock up on rice and beans

Start wearing a mask and stock up on rice and beans

The situation with Covid-19 is bad. Very bad. It might not be bad in your town at this moment, but it is bad in a lot of places. It is time to think seriously about this crisis. It is time to let your inner prepper take control of the rest of summer, because Winter is coming and things will only get worse. No matter what you have heard, this crisis is not suddenly going to end.


Why is it bad? There are many reasons. The virus is still spreading and people are still getting very sick and dying. There remain shortages of equipment and healthcare workers. People are unemployed and the economy is in the dumpster.

There are over 4.5 million confirmed cases in the U.S.. Almost 155,000 people have now died. A doctor in Houston claims that he has signed more death certificates in the last week than he has his entire career. In Miami, each new day brings a new record for Covid-19 related deaths. Los Angeles continues to be the leading hotspot.

That alone, should be enough to scare people into wearing masks and physical distancing, but it doesn’t. People still have trouble coming to terms with reality.

Why stay home when you can get Covid-19 the fun way?

Now, we are learning that many people who recover from Covid-19 continue to suffer from the effects of the illness. Those who have made it out of the ICU will often struggle with post intensive care syndrome where their muscles have atrophied and their lungs continue to have difficulty to properly function. Sometimes, the symptoms of Covid-19 linger for months afterward.

Rising numbers of dead, acutely ill, and chronically disabled people are a strain on U.S. social infrastructure. Not only are there many unemployed and furloughed workers, but there are few jobs to return to. So far in 2020, 23 major retailers have declared bankruptcy. Restaurants are also closing, with some sources suggesting that as many as 30% of restaurant chains likely to disappear.


Even the healthcare industry is having trouble. Loss in revenue from elective procedures is making it difficult for for-profit hospitals to pay their medical staff.

The reality is that hospitals and outpatient clinics rely on elective surgeries and non-emergency procedures as a large source of their income. Many elective procedures were cancelled to free up resources when the virus first emerged.

Global News

People are staying away from the hospitals and clinics, and this has led to 1.4 million medical professionals being laid off. The fact is that the American private healthcare system is not designed to deal with a pandemic. It is designed to provide rich people with elective procedures. Low income Americans can’t afford to be treated for Covid-19 and the costs can be significant.

Making matters worse, the U.S. economy is now the worst it has been since the Great Depression. There is no end in sight to these horrors.

Gross domestic product collapsed at a 32.9% annualized rate last quarter, the deepest decline in output since the government started keeping records in 1947. The drop in GDP was more than triple the previous all-time decline of 10% in the second quarter of 1958. The economy contracted at a 5.0% pace in the first quarter. It fell into recession in February.


So, why are we being so negative? Why the doom and gloom? It is because all those jokes about Apocalypse 2020 have legs. People need to start realizing how serious the situation is and start acting accordingly. It is time to take precautions and prepare for a long and hard winter.

fun time is over.

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