Trump has a nickname for Everyone but Putin

Trump has a nickname for Everyone but Putin

Trump nicknames everyone. It doesn’t matter if Trump likes a person or hates them, he has some backhanded insult of a label to apply.


For some reason, however, there is no nickname for Putin. Why is that? Is Trump afraid of disrespecting Putin? Is Trump just plain afraid of Putin? It is kind of strange because of all the leaders dancing around the world stage, Putin is the one that is the biggest threat to America.

Does Israel want Syria's Bashar al-Assad in power? | Syria News ...
“Animal Assad” is President Bashir Al Assad of Syria

“Animal Assad”! Obviously, Trump doesn’t even think the President of Syria is human. It is a bit puzzling as Trump usually LOVES Dictators. Plus, many of Trump’s other friends really like Assad, like Putin and El-Sisi.

Why Did Kim Jong Un Skip a Major Celebration of His Grandfather ...
“Little Rocket Man” for the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Trump called Kim Jong-Un “Little Rocket Man” before he actually met him. Now, apparently, they are great friends. Un is quite pleased about that as Trump has finally given him something that no other world leader has. Legitimacy on the world stage.

Boris Johnson - Wikipedia
“Britain Trump” is Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain

When Trump is pleased with someone, he rewards them by insinuating they are his puppet. We are not sure that is the right strategy to promote American interests abroad, but here we are.

Mexico's Lopez Obrador promises $7.5 billion for aid to the ...
“Juan Trump” is President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico

Really, Donald? “Juan Trump”? Going for that Latino vote again is he? We can’t even.

Egyptian President el-Sisi and CBS - The Jerusalem Post
“My Favorite Dictator” is President El-Sisi of Egypt

Another backhanded compliment is provided to the President of Egypt, a quiet guy who was educated at the U.S. Army War College and the Joint Services Command and Staff College in the U.K. Sounds like an asset? General El-Sisi has cozied up to both Putin and Assad, and being a fan of nepotism, El-Sisi appointed all three sons to powerful government positions. Hmm. El-Sisi has also tortured and ‘disappeared’ opponents to his regime. Hmm, ok then, We get why Trump likes him.


So where are the nicknames for Putin? The guy who meddled in U.S. Elections. The guy who put bounties on American soldiers? The guy who is, apparently, way smarter than Trump?

Puppet master Putin and trump the Dummy. - Spotprent, Karikatuur ...
The Puppet Master?

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