However will Trump Campaign from the Rose Garden while it is under construction?

However will Trump Campaign from the Rose Garden while it is under construction?

Three months before an election that her husband is sure to lose, Melania Trump announces her plans to redesign the Rose Garden. Interesting. Technically, she has until mid-January to complete her vision, but she would have to start digging right now.


Apparently, the Rose Garden is a little swampy and they need to install better drainage, so this is Melania’s last chance to create some sort of legacy for herself. Finally, despite all the possible causes Melania has failed to embrace, she has finally found something she cares about.

Melania finds it hard to care about things.

Wait though. It is not really the drainage that is a problem. Trump has been relying on the Rose Garden to stage his combination press briefing/political rallies now that he can’t be spreading Covid-19 all over the nation. How will Trump campaign from the Rose Garden if Melania is bulldozing a trench for better drainage?

What they are really doing here is revamping the Rose Garden to make it even better to campaign from.

Melania Trump announces Rose Garden renovation - CNNPolitics
There is only one thing that will beautify the Rose Garden, and it doesn’t involve landscaping.

Events that take place in the Rose Garden carry great symbolism and provide a political boost to whatever President is currently in office. This is why President Trump is so fond of signing executive orders there. It is also why he has chosen to give many Covid-19 briefings there. Why hold a briefing in the boring old White House briefing room, when you can look spectacular and powerful in the Rose Garden? Trump has relied on the symbols of the White House, especially the Rose Garden, to assist his re-election bid.

The work on the Rose Garden has already begun:

Tarps, drapes and other padding had been hung to protect the West Wing colonnade, including in front of the Oval Office.

Globe and Mail

For a President so concerned about physical appearance, the Rose Garden is going to be a mess for a while. Who knows, though. The renovations will include new audiovisual equipment and technology infrastructure, so maybe it will be ready just in time for Trump to use it for televised campaign rallies.

Rat rushes behind Donald Trump during coronavirus briefing at Rose ...
Soon, it will be even more difficult to tell if Trump is addressing the Nation or if he is televising a campaign rally.

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  1. Melania. You are married to the right person. Did ya ever think of planting vegetables instead of a new rose garden? Zero respect.

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